WWE Payback 2023 Results: Becky Lynch Defeated Trish Stratus In Steel Cage Match, Zoey Stark Attacked Trish Stratus

At WWE Payback 2023, Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus faced each other in steel cage match. In a hard hitting match, Becky Lynch came top and became victorious.

At the closing moments of the match, Becky Lynch tried to escape cage from the top while Trish Stratus tried to exit from the cage door. Becky came and dragged her back but Zoey Stark came to help Trish. Becky hits Manhandle Slam on Trish for pin but Zoey break it.

Then, Becky hit Zoey with a manhandle slam. Meanwhile, Trish tried to escape Steel Cage from top but Becky quickly gets her and delivered manhandle slam from the top rope and pinned her for win. After the match, Becky Lynch celebrates and exits the ring. Zoey Stark tried to help Trish but she yells back at her. Then, Zoey attacked Trish and exits the ring.

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