WWE Payback 2023 Results: LA Knight Defeated The Miz

At WWE Payback 2023, LA Knight faced The Miz in singles match with 16-time World Champion John Cena as special guest referee. Before the match starts, John Cena cuts a promo but Miz interrupted it.

During the match, we saw some tensions between the LA Knight and John Cena. LA Knight became victorious in the match by defeated Miz via pinfall. After the match, LA stands tall to a big pop as the music hits. LA and Cena are on the stage now. Cena takes off his referee shirt and LA has a few words for him. They face off now. Cena offers his hand for a shake but LA just looks at him. 

John Cena says they don’t have to be friends, this is a sign of respect. LA Knight says you almost made me lose this match, was that respect? LA Knight finally shakes John Cena’s hand. John Cena aggressively raises LA’s arm in victory as fans cheer. John Cena heads to the back as LA Knight poses to more cheers.

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