The post-Elimination Chamber edition of WWE Monday Night Raw opens up on the USA Network with a video package showing what happened in the main event of Saturday’s Premium Live Event with Kevin Owens, The Bloodline, Sami Zayn and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. We’re now live from the Canadian Tire Centre as Kevin Patrick welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results

– Tonight’s WWE Raw opened with Sami Zayn making his way to the ring to a big pop from his home country. Sami Zayn hits the ring but the “ole!” chants interrupt before he can speak. Fans chant “Sami!” now. Sami says he’s feeling a lot of feelings tonight but the main feeling from the past few days is gratitude. He thanks the crowd for these recent reactions and says they have no idea what it means. A “you deserve it!” chant starts up now. Sami says he’s also feeling guilt for letting everyone down. Fans boo.
Sami says everyone told him to finish the story but he’s now realized that the story is never over. However, we are entering the final chapter and the final chapter is not just about him. Sami says there’s one person he needs to talk to tonight more than anyone else. Sami says he’d love it if Kevin Owens came out here right now. Fans pop. The music hits and here comes Kevin Owens to cheers from his home country.
Owens hits the ring and fans chant “KO!” now. Sami says he’s wanted to say so much to Owens but now that he’s standing here, he doesn’t know what to say. Sami wants to say thank you, he guesses, and he wants to say he’s sorry, but he knows they’re kind of past the point of words, things have gotten messy. They have both said things that he’s not sure if they can come back from. Sami says for months Owens said he only carried about taking down The Bloodline and he knows Owens doesn’t stop until he accomplishes something when he gets it in his head… Sami says if it’s the last thing he does he will not stop until he sees Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Bloodline come crumbling down.
Sami says he and Owens can’t do that alone, but he thinks the only way to get it done is if they do it together. Fans cheer and chant “yes!” now. Owens doesn’t need Sami’s apology or gratitude because what he did on Saturday was for Owens’ family, not Sami, because they watched Owens get beat down at the Royal Rumble while Sami watched. Owens did it for Sami’s family so they didn’t have to watch Sami get beat down like Owens’ family did. Owens has been fighting The Bloodline for months on his own and as far as he’s concerned, that’s fine and he will keep fighting them alone.
Kevin Owens still means everything he said back in November, when he said he’s done with Sami Zayn, and that’s fine, so if Sami Zayn needs help taking down The Bloodline, just ask his buddy… Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso. Owens drops the mic and storms out of the ring as fans boo. Sami looks on.
– Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves plug a special edition of “Ding Dong, Hello!” with Bayley interviewing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. They also plug WWE United States Champion Austin Theory defending against WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Cody Rhodes kicking off his Road to WrestleMania, and more.
– We see Sami Zayn on the entrance-way now, looking out over the crowd. He seems a bit down. Sami Zayn is suddenly attacked from behind by Baron Corbin. Baron Corbin beats Sami Zayn down to the ringside area and destroys him. Corbin marches around and talks some trash as officials and medics come out to check on Sami Zayn.
Baron Corbin is taunting Sami Zayn on the mic, bringing up how he was interrupted last week. We see medics helping Sami Zayn to his feet. Corbin says he called it – Roman Reigns destroyed Sami in front of all his family and friends. Corbin goes on talking trash while Zayn tries to get to the ring but officials hold him back. Corbin says Zayn has embarrassed himself, his hometown and all of Canada because he is a complete failure. Adam Pearce steps aside and lets Zayn charge the ring to a big pop. Zayn unloads on Corbin and clotheslines him to the floor. Zayn and the referee argue. The referee calls for the bell and now we have a match.
– Sami Zayn defeated Baron Corbin via pinfall. After the match, Zayn stands tall to a pop. Zayn continues celebrating with the home country crowd.
– Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo replay looks at how WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix defeated Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. Edge will challenge WWE United States Champion Austin Theory later on.
– We go to Byron Saxton’s previously-recorded sitdown interview with Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. He asks about what happened at WWE Elimination Chamber. Ripley says what about it. Saxton says she and Finn Balor came up short against WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix. Ripley says the last thing she will say about Beth is after they went toe-to-toe, Beth said she was the real deal. They have un-finished business but Ripley isn’t focused on the past, she’s focused on WrestleMania 39. 
Byron Saxton presses but Dominik says Ripley is done talking about them, who are has-beens like his father. Dominik threatens to show Saxton what he learned in prison. Saxton asks about facing SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania, and how she’s talked about putting Ripley in her place a few years back at WrestleMania. Ripley says Flair is only bringing up what happened a few years ago because she refuses to see what everyone else sees – that Ripley is the best woman in WWE. She says the only lesson here is this – she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. 
Rhea Ripley says if Flair puts her in her place at WrestleMania then that will be good because her place is standing over Flair as the new champion. Saxton asks what to expect in Friday’s face-off on SmackDown. Ripley says watch to find out. Dominik brings up his dad’s match with Karrion Kross and says he might just tag along to SmackDown with Ripley. Ripley tells Saxton the interview is done. She and Dominik Mysterio walk out together.
– We see how Logan Paul attacked Seth Rollins in the Men’s Elimination Chamber. We also see how WWE United States Champion Austin Theory issued an Open Challenge after the Chamber, which was accepted by WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Cathy Kelley is backstage with Theory now. She asks what he’s thinking going into tonight’s title match just two nights after Elimination Chamber. Theory says he’s banged up, he’s feeling it, but here he is like usual. He stepped into the Elimination Chamber and put everyone down like he said he would.
The headline is bothering him because it’s saying “John Cena is coming back in two weeks” when it should say “Who cares?” Theory asks where his respect is for putting in work every week. Theory goes on and says he’s happy he gets to put a Hall of Famer in his place tonight, in this crappy country of Canada. Theory says he will continue forever tonight, right into WrestleMania and his legacy will stand over everyone because he will never lose this title. How’s that for a headline? Theory walks off.
– Mustafa Ali defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. After the match, both Superstars are shocked at the surprise win. Ali no longer wants to shake hands. Ali’s music hits as he heads to ringside, all smiles. Ali yells out and taunts Ziggler now.
– Cathy Kelley at backstage trying to get a word with The Miz but he’s busy with Maryse. Maryse wishes her husband a Happy Anniversary. She gives him a gift and he can’t believe it’s real. Miz says this big news isn’t for Cathy, it’s to be broken by a world-renowned journalist, like him, on MizTV. Miz says he’s saving the news for next week. Cathy brings up his recent losses to Rick Boogs and tonight’s match with Seth Rollins. 
The Miz says those were controversial losses. He goes on to insult Rollins and says he’s glad his protege Logan Paul brought Rollins down to Earth. Miz says he molded Paul into the Superstar he is today, and in a sense you could say it was him who caused Rollins to lose out on the WWE United States Title this past weekend. Miz goes on and says this envelope gift from Maryse is making his dreams come true, it is awesome. They kiss to end the segment.
– Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring for a big pop. Rhodes hits the ring and poses in the corner as the announcers plug his WrestleMania 39 match against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The music stops and fans chant “Cody!” now. Cody goes to speak but Paul Heyman interrupts from the screen. Heyman is wearing a neck brace, and is carrying both of Reigns’ titles.
Cody Rhodes asks Heyman where he is. Heyman says he’s backstage. Rhodes tells Heyman to come out to the ring because everyone wants to hear what he has to say. Heyman says he was mauled by Kevin Owens on Saturday night and then subjected to the horrible Canadian healthcare system and what should’ve been a celebration for his Tribal Chief, ended up being a tragedy for The Wise Man, but the true tragedy of this story you want to finish will befall you.
Heyman says face it – Cody can’t beat Roman. Fans boo. Heyman says let’s just imagine that Cody beats Roman at WrestleMania. Then, what will Cody’s life be like? Have you ever heard the phrase indentured servitude? Heyman says right, Reigns does not live that life, but that’s because he has special counsel, The Wise Man, he has Paul Heyman. Heyman says if Cody wins, which he won’t, he won’t have Paul Heyman with him. Heyman goes on imagining Cody’s life as champion. He figures around 200 days on the road, 40-50 but closer to 50 days making charity appearances and red carpet events, 30 days overseas promoting the WWE brand, another 30 days promoting WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Money In the Bank, and let’s not forget your title defenses in Peoria, IL, now you’re up to around 305 days a year, so that leaves 60 at home… with 20 of them on Skype or Zoom calls to promote the product, meetings. 
Paul Heyman asks what Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes once said… when your father was on the road he was never home, and even when he was home he was never home. Is that the life you want for your wife and child, for your family? Is that the sacrifice you’re willing to make for these titles?
Paul Heyman knows Cody thinks he’s about to say something really vulgar and vile, about Reigns keeping his wife warm on a cold night. Heyman says he’d never say something like that as Reigns is a happily married man… but Heyman isn’t. Fans boo. Heyman assures Cody that this is when he will find out his WrestleMania dreams will become his own personal nightmare. Heyman disappears on the big screen.
Fans chant for Cody as he paces around. Cody says Roman is great, but he has seen this play before. Do not send this man again. He says they haven’t come face to face yet but they probably will soon, and Cody is going to say the same thing now that he will say then… Cody says without a doubt Reigns is the greatest Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in the history of the company, he is the best champion in all of sports but that doesn’t change a damn thing… I have to finish the story. Fans cheer. Cody says he will beat Reigns at WrestleMania. Cody drops the mic.
– Asuka defeated Nikki Cross via submission. After the match, Asuka stands tall but Belair enters the ring to face off with Asuka in the middle. Some fans chant “EST!” now. Belair raises her title in the air and Asuka points to the WrestleMania 39 sign now. They stare each other down some more and Asuka starts laughing. The blue mist starts leaking from her mouth and Belair looks concerned.
– Cathy Kelley at backstage with Carmella now, asking if she’s found a new gameplan to get to WrestleMania. Carmella says it’s only been 48 hours, so no, but what she has thought of is Asuka. Carmella says that little freak thinks she can mess with Carmella but she doesn’t think so. She goes on and says she’s about to make Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania win real easy when she delivers one hell of a receipt to Asuka because Mella Is Money. Cathy rushes over to Seth Rollins, who is strutting around in a good mood. She asks about Logan Paul. 
Seth Rollins says that’s two times now that Paul has messed up his WrestleMania plans. Rollins says Paul wants to make this a game and hit him with his own move, but the joke is on Logan. He says Paul may not be familiar with a certain side of him, but anyone who has gotten in his way has learned about that side too well. Rollins says he will find Paul and hurt him.
Seth says Logan wants to make this a game and hit him with his own move. Seth cackles and he tells Logan the joke is on him. Logan may not be very familiar with a certain side of him, but anyone who has gotten in his way have learned about that side too well. Seth says he will find Logan Paul and he will hurt Logan Paul. Seth cackles. Since Logan isn’t here tonight, the man who wants to take credit for Logan’s success seems like a perfect surrogate for suffering. Seth cackles and high steps away. Fans cheer in the arena as Rollins laughs. Rollins goes on and says since Paul isn’t here tonight, but the man who wants to take credit for his success is, The Miz, he seems like the perfect surrogate for suffering. Rollins laughs some more and walks off.
– We see how Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley ended in a DQ at WWE Elimination Chamber. MVP at backstage with Omos now. MVP says Lesnar is a coward as he realized he couldn’t escape The Hurt Lock, so he went and got himself disqualified. MVP says the 7-foot-3-inch 416 pound Nigerian giant is issuing a challenge to Lesnar for WrestleMania 39. MVP tells Lesnar to show up next week to accept the challenge in person, if he has the intestinal fortitude. Omos looks at the camera and pounds his own fist. 
– Seth Rollins defeated The Miz via referee stoppage. After the match, Seth Rollins is announced as the winner. Fans pop as he begins strutting around the ring.
– We see Carmella walking with Adam Pearce at backstage. She thanks him for the opportunity and he thanks her for the positive attitude. Pearce makes Asuka vs. Carmella official for next week. Carmella says thanks “hunny” then walks off. Pearce answers his phone and it’s Chelsea Green. She’s upset about Talent Relations sending her to Ottawa, Illinois instead of Ottawa, Ontario. She wants to know how Pearce is going to fix this. He apologizes and says Raw will be in Grand Rapids next week, and that’s in the United States, so let him call the Travel department and figure it out. Green continues ranting but Pearce acts like he’s having issues with his service and can’t hear her. He hangs up.
– We see Alpha Academy posing in a mirror at backstage. Chad Gable can’t understand how Maximum Male Models don’t think he has the look. Bronson Reed walks up and asks if this is how Gable prepares for a match. Gable says he’s not only a bonafide Olympian but he’s also the big beautiful brain behind Alpha Academy, and he’s on the cusp of a lucrative modeling career. Reed tells him to get ready to model a full body cast. Otis steps to Reed and says no one talks to Master Chad Gable like that. Otis and Reed face off. Gable thanks Otis.
– We see the ring crew setting up for “Ding Dong, Hello!” now.
– It’s time for “Ding Dong, Hello!” with Bayley. She has her guests in the ring – WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Bayley insults the people of Canada and since it’s Family Day, she goes on about how much she loves SKY and Kai, her family. She has some questions for them. First she asks how it feels to be the greatest champions of all-time. Fans boo as Kai, who still has her crutch, goes on about how they’ve dominated for more than 100 days, all thanks to Bayley’s support. She names some people they’ve defeated and goes on about how they will continue to dominate. The music interrupts and here comes Becky Lynch to a pop.
Lynch knocks them for rarely defending the titles and says they won’t get to just sit on them because she wants to take them to WrestleMania. Bayley laughs and asks who she’d team with because she has no friends. Lynch says there was one person she was thinking of. The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Lita to join Lynch on the entrance-way. They head to the ring together. Bayley says they better use her front door if they want to interrupt her show. They come in and Bayley reminds them of their 2022 beef. Becky says she’s already apologized and Lita said they’re past that. Lita says she wanted one more title run but if sh couldn’t take that title from Lynch, she likes this idea of taking the tag team titles into WrestleMania.
Lita officially challenges SKY and Kai. Bayley says they haven’t even come close to earning a title shot. Lynch rambles off their solo accomplishments and says that’s enough. Lita and Lynch go on about how they should want to prove they’re the best, unless they’re scared. Bayley accepts for Kai and SKY, who aren’t so sure about this. Lynch and Lita snatch the title belts and pose with them. They toss the titles back to them and the two sides face off.
– Byron Saxton at backstage with Candice LeRae now. He asks about Johnny Gargano being banged up from the Elimination Chamber. LeRae says she can tell us that… she suddenly spots Nikki Cross and runs over to her. LeRae says Cross has been following her for months and she just needs to know why. She has a match with Piper Niven to get ready for on next week’s show and she can’t focus on that while wondering when Cross is going to show up. 
Candice LeRae begs Cross to tell her why. Cross seems a bit shut down and reserved, more than how wild she usually is. Nikki Cross steps to Candice LeRae and whispers something to her. LeRae looks confused. Nikki Cross runs off. Saxton asks LeRae what Cross just said. She says Cross just said all her friends are gone and she’s alone and… LeRae says she’s sorry but to answer the original question, Johnny will be back. LeRae is confused and a bit concerned as she walks off.
– Bronson Reed defeated Chad Gable via pinfall. After the match, Reed stands tall. Otis just now realizes what happened as Maxxine walks off. Bronson Reed poses in the ring as Otis checks on Gable while he’s down at ringside.
– We see Austin Theory backstage warming up for the main event.
– Elias is in the ring. He says he hopes Rick Boogs at backstage taking notes because this is how you do it. We see Boogs backstage taking notes. Elias says this is the time of the year when the stars come out, the Legends come out, but there’s no bigger star or Legend than Elias. He says the question on everyone’s mind now is… and Boogs you better be taking notes… is this, who wants to walk with Elias at WrestleMania 39? He points up at the sign. Elias says there has to be someone who wants to walk with him on the Grandest Stage of Them All. The music interrupts and out comes an angry Bobby Lashley. 
Elias readies for a fight but Lashley enters and immediately spikes him tn the mat. Elias rolls to the floor and Lashley follows, sending him into the barrier. Lashley scoops Elias and runs him into the ring post head-first. Lashley rolls Elias back in and delivers a big Spear. Lashley poses some and then rag-dolls Elias with The Hurt Lock.
Lashley takes the mic and says everyone has a plan until he slaps The Hurt Lock on them. He says this past weekend he put Brock Lesnar in The Hurt lock and he panicked, he had to resort to a low blow. Not Lesnar, not Bray Wyatt, not Elias, nobody in the locker room breaks The Hurt Lock so now he will not be disrespected by anyone in this locker room. Lashley says if you disrespect him he will put you down. Lashley drops the mic and plays to the crowd.
– The announcers confirm Becky Lynch and Lita vs. Damage CTRL for the title on next week’s show, plus Piper Niven vs. Candice LeRae, and Asuka vs. Carmella. Also, will Brock Lesnar be here to answer Omos’ challenge? The Miz will host a special WrestleMania Goes Hollywood edition of MizTV to reveal what was in the envelope Miz gave him.
– Byron Saxton at backstage with Edge now, asking how he feels going into tonight’s main event. Edge says now that The Judgment Day is in the rear-view and his family is at home, he can get back to the goals he set for himself coming out of retirement. He knows Austin Theory has the physical ability to shape WWE for the next 20 years, just like Edge did in the last 30, but dos he have the mental ability? Edge says that’s where their similarities end. He says the thing with youth is sometimes it comes with ignorance.
Austin Theory talks about his forever title reign but nothing lasts forever and Edge doesn’t want to be that guy but he’s about to be with another cliche… with age comes wisdom and he knows more than anyone in the back that this can be taken away from you faster than he plans to slap the duck-face off Theory’s overly-manscaped head. He goes on about how he hasn’t held a title in a long time… he’s done a lot in WWE but he’s running out of time to hold a title, the window is closing. Edge mentions how he had his second WWE match in Ottawa but hasn’t wrestled here in 17 years, and it would feel pretty good to win tonight and go into WrestleMania 39 as WWE United States Champion. Edge says he’s had lots of cliches for Byron but he has one more… never say never.
– Austin Theory defeated Edge via pinfall and successfully retained his WWE United States Championship. At the closing moments, Edge waits in the corner for spear but suddenly Finn Balor runs down and jumps up on the apron but Edge knocks him off. Theory grabs Edge but Edge rolls him up for a close 2 count. Balor rocks Edge with a kick while the referee isn’t looking. Theory hits The ATL for the pin to win and retain.
After the match, Theory’s music hits but Balor immediately rushes the ring and stomps away on Edge to boos. Balor drags Edge over and goes up top for a Coup de Grace as the boos get louder. Balor yells at Edge about how this isn’t over, this is just the beginning. Balor delivers another Coup de Grace. We go to replays. Balor goes back up top for a third Coup de Grace now. Balor stands tall over Edge to boos as the post-Elimination Chamber edition of Monday Night Raw goes off the air.

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