After Roman Reigns retained hia Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble, The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) and Solo Sikoa attacked Roman Reigns’ opponent, Kevin Owens, while honorary Bloodline member Sami Zayn watched on in uncertainty, as Owens was Zayn’s former best friend. As Reigns was about to attack a defenseless Owens with a steel chair, Zayn pleaded with Reigns to stop.
Roman Reigns then instructed Sami Zayn to attack Kevin Owens with the chair to prove his loyalty to The Bloodline. After being berated by Reigns, Zayn turned on Reigns and attacked him with the chair instead. Zayn apologized to Jey for his actions only for Jimmy, Sikoa, and Reigns to attack Zayn. An emotionally distraught Jey, who initially took a liking to Zayn, watched on before leaving the ring as the rest of The Bloodline continued the assault on both Zayn and Owens.
On the following episode of Friday Night SmackDown, as Roman Reigns tried to address the events at the Royal Rumble, Zayn attacked Reigns from behind and stated that he initially did not want anything from Reigns, but he now wanted the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Jey was absent that night, and Jimmy and Sikoa attacked Zayn, after which, Roman Reigns accepted his challenge, stating that since Sami Zayn hurt his family, he would hurt Zayn in front of his own family in Montreal.
In the main event, Roman Reigns successfully defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Sami Zayn. In the opening minutes, the hometown crowd cheered for Zayn, while viciously booing Reigns. Reigns withstood an offensive flurry by Zayn before taunting the crowd. Zayn turned the tides with a Clothesline on Reigns. After more offensive moves, Zayn performed a Sunset Bomb on Reigns for a nearfall. Reigns fired back with a Uranage for a nearfall. 
Sami Zayn countered a Superman Punch into an Exploder Suplex into the turnbuckles. Reigns countered a Helluva Kick into a Superman Punch for a nearfall. As Reigns attempted a Spear, Zayn leaped over and rolled up Reigns for a nearfall. Zayn performed another Exploder Suplex on Reigns and followed up with his own Superman Punch and the Helluva Kick for a nearfall. Outside the ring, Reigns attempted a Spear, but Zayn sidestepped, causing him to crash into the barricade. Back inside, Zayn performed a Blue Thunderbomb on Reigns for a nearfall. As Zayn went for the same move, Reigns blocked and sent Zayn into the referee, incapacitating him. 
SamiZayn then performed a Helluva Kick, but the referee could not make the count, frustrating the crowd and Zayn. Then, Jimmy Uso, who was told to stay home a week prior, appeared and performed an Uso Splash on Zayn, and dragged Reigns on top of Zayn. A new official made the count, but Zayn kicked out. After Zayn and Reigns traded blows, Zayn took out Jimmy from the apron, and Reigns performed a second Spear on Zayn for a nearfall. 
Then, Reigns trash talked Zayn. Reigns accidentally incapacitated the other referee, and Heyman handed Reigns a chair. Then, Jey Uso, who was also told to say home, appeared, and Reigns tossed the chair to Jey. As Reigns talked with Jey, Reigns tossed him aside, accidentally allowing Zayn to spear Jey. Reigns then viciously attacked Zayn with the chair, and finished it off with a third Spear to retain the titles.
After the match, Reigns and Jimmy attacked Zayn until Kevin Owens appeared and attacked Jimmy. Owens then attacked Reigns, and performed Stunners on both Reigns and Jimmy. Owens then performed a Pop-up Powerbomb on Jimmy through the announce table. Owens then retrieved a chair, only for Heyman to try to cheap shot Owens to no avail. Owens then performed a Stunner on Heyman. Zayn performed a Helluva Kick on Reigns, and stared down Owens, who left the ring. Zayn then received a standing ovation from the hometown crowd as the event came to an end.
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