Tonight’s WWE Tuesday Night NXT episode live from WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Vic Joseph welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

Here The WWE Tuesday Night NXT Full Results

– Ilja Dragunov defeated Trick Williams via pinfall. After the match, Dragunov stands tall. JD McDonagh stands up at the announce table and stares Dragunov down as they have words.
– We go to a promo from Jinder Mahal. He says he could’ve confronted NXT Champion Bron Breakker on his first night back like everyone else but he waited because timing is everything in this business. Jinder says the title on Bron’s waist is getting heavier, the boos are getting louder, and his energy is getting weaker. Jinder goes on and says tonight there will be a lot of shocked faces in the crowd. He’s made a career out of shocking victories and tonight he will have another as he becomes NXT Champion.
– NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Fallon Henley is backstage leaving a voicemail for Brooks Jensen, apologizing for Valentine’s Day. Josh Briggs walks in and tells her Jensen needs time. She just wants to apologize and Briggs says Jensen can tell by all the texts and calls she’s made to him. Henley says if that was Kiana James’ brother, why didn’t she say so? Why did she drag it on? Isn’t that weird? Briggs agrees it is weird but Fallon was wrong, that was the big night for her tag team partner and for Jensen. Fallon says she should apologize to James in person and Briggs agrees. She walks off.
– We see footage from earlier today with Meiko Satomura training with some of the women’s recruits at the WWE Performance Center. She asks if they can survive and they say yes. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez asks to join and Satomura says yes. They begin training and we see some of the recruits start dropping out as the day goes on. Perez is the only one to make it through, and they bow to each other. Perez goes to leave but Satomura asks where she’s going, that was just a warm-up, now we really begin. Perez is out of breath but she says OK.
– Tyler Bate makes his way to the ring. Bate takes the mic and thanks everyone for their support on his journey, no matter who it’s been against. He says some things are meant to be, some happen for a reason, but he believes in timing and the natural unfolding of things… but he and the fans of NXT are about to embark on a mystical journey together, and let me tell you this… the music interrupts and out comes The Schism – Joe Gacy, Ava, Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid.
Gacy says they were preparing for The Dyad’s match when they heard Bate and they believe in someway they are kindred spirits. The Schism are also forward thinkers. Bate appreciates the input but he will pass on drinking whatever concoction Gacy has given his mates. Ava says they may be kindred spirits in some ways but certainly not all ways. Gacy says Bate is funny and he’s right, the journey a man takes does matter, you just have to be careful who you surround yourself with.
Gacy says these people won’t help Bate. The Schism is a true family while Bate left his across the ocean, groups like Chase U speak togetherness in the face of division. The Schism gave Thea Hail a glimpse of what life could be like with them, and maybe Bate would like to feel their power right now as well. Heed our message, Gacy says. Ava says Bate is all alone, he has no one, but we are four roots, one tree. The Schism surrounds Bate in the ring but here comes Duke Hudson, Andre Chase and Thea Hail to a big pop. The Schism retreats.
– The Dyad defeated Chase University via count out. After the match, The Dyad regroups at the entrance-way. Chase U is in the ring now. Duke yells at Chase to let Hail grow up. Duke asks if this is a university or a charity. Duke walks out as Hail whines about this being her fault.
– We see footage of Mr. Stone and Von Wagner backstage earlier today. Stone asked Von if he’s ready to get this going, if he’s made a decision yet. Von asks if Stone wants his deep, dark secrets because he came here to kick ass and take names. Stone says that’s real original. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo walk in, and they’re not happy with Von costing them the NXT North American Title last week. 
They have words and Stacks mentions The Don beating Von down tonight. Von asks if Tony D wants a match. Stone tells him no. Von respectfully declines the challenge. Stone tries to talk Von down while Tony and Stacks taunt him. Von gives them a match and they leave. Stone says Von played right into their hands. Von tells Stone to shut up.
– McKenzie Mitchell at backstage with Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak. She asks Gulak why he turned on his friend Hank Walker last week. Gulak says they were never friends, Walker was just a guy who asked for his help. He says Walker is the kind of guy who says he wants it but just because you say you want something, doesn’t mean you get it. He didn’t come to NXT to hand out participation trophies, he came to find the best of the best and that’s not Walker. He’s a nice guy but to be successful in NXT you can’t be afraid to rip limbs, step on people’s throat, and tear at ligaments until they snap. Gulak says that doesn’t describe Hank but it does describe Dempsey. They walk off together.
– We get a new Sol Ruca vignette. She likes how different the ocean is and NXT is the same way, new opponents and some new challenge every day. She goes on about how she tries something new, fails at first, but keeps trying and then she gets it, she’s pumped and feels like she’s conquered the world. She chases that same feeling in the ring and that’s why she wants another match with Zoey Stark because eventually she will hit her move and one day beat Stark.
– Jacy Jayne defeated Indi Hartwell via disqualification after Gigi Dolin attacks Jacy Jayne. After the bell, Dolin unloads on Jayne and beats her out of the ring. Fans cheer as Dolin fights Jayne into the backstage area.
– We go back to today’s training session with Roxanne Perez and Meiko Satomura. Perez asks why they’re doing this when they wrestle in two weeks. Satomura says no talking, just training. Perez hangs in there and Satomura gives her a thumbs up. They bow. Satomura says they needed to train because to win it has to come from your heart, not your muscle. Satomura says she will see Perez in two weeks.
– McKenzie Mitchell is with Zoey Stark in the back, asking about the earlier comments from Sol Ruca about wanting another match. Stark doesn’t give a damn what Ruca wants, if she loves the ocean so much she can stay there. Stark has already defeated Ruca and she’s done with her. Stark wonders why Meiko Satomura is getting another NXT Women’s Title shot, is it because Roxanne Perez is fan-girling and paid for her flight here? McKenzie says it’s because she’s a living legend. Stark goes on about how everyone in the locker room is sucking up to Satomura when it should be her. Stark says if Satomura steps in the ring with her, she will learn who the real Final Boss is. Stark walks off.
– NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus defeated Edris Enofe and Malik Blade in non-title tag team match. After the match, Gallus stands tall. Pretty Deadly’s lackies bring the cake in the ring to present it to Gallus now, saying it’s to celebrate the two year anniversary of Pretty Deadly defeating Gallus in NXT UK. Coffey and Wolfgang destroy the two lackies, launching them out of the ring. 
Gallus pose now but Pretty Deadly attacks from behind with steel chair shots. They beat the champs to the floor, then launch Coffey into the steel ring steps, then Wolfgang goes into the steps. They send Coffey into the steel again, then Wolfgang into Coffey. Pretty Deadly talks some trash and keep Gallus down. They then double team slam Wolfgang on top of the steps. Pretty Deadly takes the title belts and raise them in the air over Gallus now.
– We go to a vignette from Dabba-Kato. He says he can feel Apollo Crews’ anger because for 8 months Apollo was too busy with his own future, so busy that he forgot about his past. Kato reminds Apollo how he helped Crews win the WWE Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania, and how he was there for every big moment Apollo had. He says Apollo came back to NXT but where was his call? Kato says at Vengeance Day it felt good, like old times, but he came to hurt, not help. He goes on and says Apollo can’t stand on his own without Kato. Apollo may have brought him into this world, but he will be the one who takes Apollo out of it.
– The announcers plug Stand & Deliver. Stevie Turner interrupts and she’s also excited about Stand & Deliver. She introduces her randomizer and it lands on Lyra Valkyria. She tells fans to get their questions ready on Lyra. She says Lyra is a mystery but no match for Stevie’s fast fingers. She takes “Stevie-Chats” from fans and gives some background on Lyra’s character. One fan asks Stevie how far she sees Lyra going in NXT. She says Lyra is talented but no match for Stevie’s forward-thinking. Vic says this is cool and he has a question but Stevie says she’s sorry, the stream is over.
– Tony D’Angelo defeated Von Wagner via pinfall. After the match, Tony stands tall as Stacks joins him in the ring. Von argues with Stone now. Kelly Kincaid interviews Tony in the ring now, asking him about Dijak. Tony wants to talk about Stacks and loyalty first. He says Stacks had the chance to take the NXT North American Title shot last week or have Tony’s back and he chose family. Stack says it’s family over everything. Tony appreciates that. 
Tony says Stacks gets it but Dijak doesn’t. Tony says they’ve been at this for months now and it’s time to put it to an end. Kincaid asks how. Tony says he and Stacks thought of a few ideas to make Dijak disappear but he’s decided to end it in the ring. Tony proposes a Jailhouse Street Fight for NXT Roadblock. Fans pop. Tony says when it’s done, he will put Dijak in solitary confinement. Tony gives Dijak 7 days to respond and says don’t make me come find you.
– McKenzie at backstage with the injured Nikkita Lyons. Her surgery was a success but the doctor said she could be out for 11-2 months. Her goal is to be back before one year. Lyons still can’t tell us anything about who attacked her in the parking lot because it came from behind. Tiffany Stratton interrupts and wonders why anyone is still talking about Lyons and wasting TV time that could be used on her, the Center of the Universe. They have words and Stratton would like to see Lyons out of NXT permanently. Stratton taunts Lyons and leaves.
– Ivy Nile approaches Tatum Paxley at backstage and asks if there’s an update on Nikkita Lyons. Paxley says they still don’t know who attacked her. Ivy says well we know who didn’t attack her. Ivy finds out Paxley isn’t going out with her for her match. Nile asks if Isla Dawn is getting to her. Nile tells Paxley to not let Dawn and Alba Fyre get to her because they’re a team. Nile heads out and Paxley looks up at the Diamond Mine banner, nodding her head. 
– Trick Williams is recovering from his earlier match when Carmelo Hayes enters and gives him props for holding his own against Ilja Dragunov. Carmelo needs to watch tonight’s main event and see… Tyler Bate interrupts. He also gives Trick some props for the match. Bates also gives some advice to Trick, something about “good timber does not grow with ease” and “the stronger the storm, the stronger the tree.” 
Trick jokes that Bate is 25 and 75 at the same time. Bate takes that as a compliment. Hayes respects Bate for his strong mind and for knowing exactly who he is, but Hayes also knows who he is because he is… him. Hayes is happy Bate’s journey has nothing to do with the NXT Title because that’s all Hayes, respectfully. Trick and Hayes leave.
– Alba Fyre defeated Ivy Nile via pinfall. After the match, Fyre and Dawn stand tall together. They watch as Nile tends to Paxley at ringside.
– We get a quick promo to hype up NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

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