At the 2022 Royal Rumble, Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar, thanks to outside interference. They had a rematch at Crown Jewel in November which was won by Brock Lesnar, although Bobby Lashley dominated the match. At Raw is XXX on January 23, 2023, Lesnar returned from hiatus and cost Lashley his United States Championship match.
Then, two superstars competed in the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble match where Lashley eliminated Lesnar. On the February 6th episode of Monday Night Raw, Lesnar appeared with a contract to challenge Lashley to another match at Elimination Chamber. Lashley came out and stated that he would give Lesnar an answer later on after reviewing the contract. This prompted Lesnar to attack Lashley with two F-5s. A contract signing for the match occurred the following week, and after Lashley laid out Lesnar, he signed the contract to make the match official.
At Elimination Chamber 2023, Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar via disqualification. At the closing moments of the match, Bobby Lashley blocks the F5 and hits a third Spear and goes for The Hurt Lock and this time it’s locked in. Lesnar resists but the submission is applied as the referee checks on Lesnar. Lesnar tries to break free but Lashley keeps it locked in. Lesnar starts to fade but he nails a low blow kick and Lashley goes down. The referee calls the match and Lashley wins via DQ. 
After the match, Lesnar talks to referee Chad Patton and then drops him with the F5 for a big pop. Lesnar then delivers another F5 to Lashley. Lesnar brings Lashley to the floor, then takes apart the announce table. Lesnar puts Lashley through the table with another F5 as fans pop. Fans chant “holy shit!” as Lesnar smiles. Lesnar then grabs the referee and tosses him onto what’s left of the announce table with another F5, then, Lesnar makes his exit.

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