The WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Premium Live Event opens up with a video package for tonight’s matches, set to “Psycho In My Head” by Skillet. We’re now live from a sold out Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Michael Cole welcomes us and he’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. Michael Cole brings up the 1997 Montreal Screwjob and says the city needs tonight to be different.

Here The WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Full Results

– Asuka defeated Nikki Cross, Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, Natalya and Carmella in Elimination Chamber match and earns the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 39 against the champion Bianca Belair. After the match, Asuka stands tall to a big pop. Michael Cole confirms Asuka vs. Belair at WrestleMania 39 for the Raw Women’s Title as Asuka points up at the WrestleMania sign.
– We get a video package for Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley match.
– Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar via disqualification. At the closing moments of the match, Bobby Lashley blocks the F5 and hits a third Spear and goes for The Hurt Lock and this time it’s locked in. Lesnar resists but the submission is applied as the referee checks on Lesnar. Lesnar tries to break free but Lashley keeps it locked in. Lesnar starts to fade but he nails a low blow kick and Lashley goes down. The referee calls the match and Lashley wins via DQ. 
After the match, Lesnar talks to referee Chad Patton and then drops him with the F5 for a big pop. Lesnar then delivers another F5 to Lashley. Lesnar brings Lashley to the floor, then takes apart the announce table. Lesnar puts Lashley through the table with another F5 as fans pop. Fans chant “holy shit!” as Lesnar smiles. Lesnar then grabs the referee and tosses him onto what’s left of the announce table with another F5, then, Lesnar makes his exit.
– We see two fired up Montrealers in the front row – journalist Ariel Helwani and UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre. Michael Cole refers to Helwani as world renowned and unbiased, which may be a dig at the tweets made by AEW President Tony Khan on Friday night.
– We get a video package for the Edge and Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley match.
– Edge and Beth Phoenix defeated Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley via pinfall in Mixed Tag Team match. After the match, the music hits as Edge and Beth Phoenix recover to stand together. Dominik regroups with Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley at ringside as they try to recover. Edge taunts them from the ring. Balor is seething as he threatens Edge. The Grit Couple goes back to the corner to pose and continue their celebration.
– The announcers plug tonight’s post-show press conference.
– We see Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in his locker room suit with Paul Heyman. There are C4 energy drinks on display, and Reigns is drinking one. C4 is a sponsor of tonight’s show. Heyman hypes Reigns up and says Montreal is now his city, not Sami Zayn’s, and tonight the city will become Reigns’ centerpiece of The Island of Relevancy. Fans boo. Roman Reigns continues sipping his C4.
– Austin Theory defeated Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano, Bronson Reed, Montez Ford and Damian Priest via pinfall in Elimination Chamber match and successfully retained his United States Championship. At closing moments, Seth Rollins and Theory are last two to fight. Rollins with a Liger Bomb for 2. Ford is still laid out, so the referee calls for another referee and medics to come out and tend to Ford. Fans cheer as Ford is helped away by medics. Rollins waits for Theory to get up now. Theory dodges the Stomp but can’t hit The ATL. Rollins with a Pedigree.
Rollins waits for Theory to get back up now. Logan Paul enters the cage as the door is open for Ford to leave. Logan Paul takes out Rollins, and now has words with the referee. Logan Paul goes to leave but turns back around and delivers the Stomp to Seth Rollins. Paul leaves and slams the Chamber door shut. Logan Paul is fired up. Theory gets up and hits The ATL to Rollins for the pin to retain.
After the match, the music hits as Theory stands tall. Fans boo Logan Paul, who is talking trash at ringside. Logan Paul heads to the stage and taunts Seth Rollins to the camera. Theory takes his title to the top of a pod and poses. Seth Rollins stumbles around and looks on as Austin Theory continues his celebration.
– We get a video package for tonight’s main event – Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn for  Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.
– Roman Reigns defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall and successfully retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Titles. At the closing moments of the match, Reigns went for the Superman Punch but Zayn moves and the referee gets hit, and he’s laid out. Zayn drops Reigns and they’re both down now. Heyman goes under the ring for a steel chair, then he hands it in to Reigns. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso suddenly appears in the ring now, in between Reigns and Zayn. Fans pop.
Roman Reigns yells at Jey about his loyalty. Jey stares Reigns down. Reigns hands the chair to Jey but he won’t take it. Fans chant “no!” now. Zayn is laying with his head on the bottom rope, barely able to look up. Jey takes the chair and Reigns turns his back, kneeling down to taunt Zayn. Jey is behind Reigns with the chair now. Reigns turns back around and talks to Jey as Heyman yells at Jey to hit Zayn.
Reigns takes the chair from Jey and then slaps him, then pushes him around. Zayn charges but Reigns moves and Zayn hits Jey with a Spear on accident. Reigns unloads on Zayn with chair shots to the back now. Fans boo and Sami’s wife is upset. Reigns tosses the chair, then readies in the corner. Zayn stumbles to his feet and Reigns nails a Spear. The original referee slides back in and counts as Reigns covers for the pin to win and retain.
After the match, Reigns stands tall and we see shocked and disappointed fans looking on. Jimmy comes back in and attacks Zayn as Reigns watches. The music hits and out comes hometown star Kevin Owens to a huge pop. Jimmy meets Owens on the entrance-way and they brawl. Owens drops Jimmy and sends him into the barrier. Owens stares Reigns down, then rushes the ring. Owens tackles Reigns and unloads on him. Owens with a big Stunner. Jimmy rushes back in but Owens ducks and then hits him with a Stunner to knock him out of the ring. Fans go wild. 
Kevin Owens puts Jimmy through the announce table with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Owens grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. Owens approaches Reigns but Heyman comes in and beats on Owens’ back. Fans chant “you fucked up!” now. Owens turns around but Heyman pleads. Owens with a Stunner to Heyman for a big pop. Owens turns back to Reigns in the corner now. Sami is back to his feet in the opposite corner as the “ole!” chants start up. Owens steps aside and lets Zayn level Reigns with the Helluva Kick. 
Sami Zayn turns and looks at Kevin Owens as his music starts up. Kevin Owens exits the ring and stops at ringside to stare up at Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn looks on as Kevin Owens marches to the stage. Kevin Owens turns back around and looks at his former best friend and rival. Zayn turns back to the crowd as they cheer him on. Elimination Chamber goes off the air.

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