Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw live from the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. Here the announced segments and matches for the show:

– RK-Bro vs. Alpha Academy Quiz Bowl
– WWE Hall of Famer Lita will appear on Raw
– Riddle vs. Seth Rollins in singles match

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results:

– Tonight’s WWE Raw opened with Academic Challenge between RK-Bro and Raw Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy.  Kevin Patrick is at the podium and welcomes us to the third and final activity between both the teams. We see Chad Gable and Otis at one table, and Randy Orton and Riddle at the other. Patrick introduces them and also shows us highlights from the last two challenges. Gable interrupts Patrick when he tries to set up the beginning of the challenge. 
The first question is from the U.S. Presidents category, and is about the first President to be elected with a college degree. Gable gets it right, John Adams. Riddle picks from the Biology category, and gets a question right about octopuses having 3 hearts. Gable says Riddle got lucky. Gable picks from the Greek Mythology category and gets a question right about Icarus. Orton picks from the Cartoons category and gets a question right about TMNT’s Michelangelo, thanks to Riddle.
Gable furious about a Cartoons category being allowed in an Academic Challenge. Orton shuts him up and knocks Otis, telling him to go next. This is from the Geography category, and about the largest state of the lower 48. He picks Texas and gets it right. Riddle picks from Pop Culture next. The question is about Justin Bieber marrying Hailey Baldwin and who her father is. Riddle uses his LifeLine to call his friend Bieber but Patrick says there is no LifeLine here. 
Orton says the only Baldwin he knows is Alec, but that answer is wrong. Gable and Otis have chance to answer that question and Gable says this man is in one of his absolute favorite films of all-time, Bio-Dome – Stephen Baldwin. He gets it right. One more point. Gable picks from the Film & Literature category. The question is about which Shakespeare story has been made into the most movies. Gable picks Romeo & Juliet but that’s wrong, and Riddle picks Hamlet, which is right. Orton picks from the Sports category now. The question is which NFL quarterback has the most wins in Denver Broncos history. Orton asks Denver fans for some help with the answer and they go wild for John Elway, which is correct. It’s now 4-4.
Gable furious at the crowd. Gable picks from Metric Conversions and the question asks how many grams are in an ounce. He gets it wrong and Riddle goes to answer, starting to talk about his scales. Orton interrupts and indicates he also likes to smoke, and gets it right with 28 grams in 1 ounce. RK-Bro wins and they start celebrating but Gable wants a re-do. RK-Bro taunt the champs with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment, while Gable and Otis destroy the set. Orton and Riddle exit the ring. 
Someone keeps pressing the buzzer and Gable is getting mad with that sound. Now, music interrupts and here comes The Street Profits. They taunt the Alpha Academy for losing the challenge. Gable went to ringside with the threat of an ass kicking. The Profits are ready for the smoke as they approach Gable but Otis levels Montez Ford from behind, knocking him down.
– The Alpha Academy defeated The Street Profits via pinfall.
–  MVP is in the ring now and says it is his privilege and honor to present to us… he calls on the crowd to rise, not just because this person is from here in Denver, but because he’s a Brock Lesnar-beating, title-taking, reigning and defending, the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. The music hits and here comes Bobby Lashley. MVP says we should’ve had a proper celebration last week because Lashley won a match built up for decades, he slayed The Beast and took back his WWE Title. 
MVP knows some people say Lashley only won because of interference of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, but Lashley didn’t see any of that as Lesnar would’ve done the same thing. He further says the only thing that matters is Bobby Lashley pinned Brock Lesnar and became victorious. Now, MVP talks about how last week should’ve been a grand, but instead they got Adam Pearce announcing the WWE Title Elimination Chamber match. 
He gives props to Brock Lesnar for winning the 30-Man Royal Rumble to earn his WrestleMania 38 title shot from Reigns, but Lesnar entering the Elimination Chamber in hopes of making it a Title vs. Title match at WrestleMania and that’s pure fantasy. MVP says Bobby Lashley will leave Elimination Chamber as he left the Royal Rumble, with the title. MVP also gives praise to the other Chamber participants, and says but they are men. 
When you’re talking about Lashley and Lesnar, you’re talking about monsters and Lashley is the biggest and baddest of them all. Now, Lashley says Lesnar disrespected him for the last time. Lashley wonders when the last time Lesnar defended the title was, or when he wrestled on Raw. Lashley says he will be disrespected no more, and he hopes it comes down to he and Brock Lesnar in the Chamber again and he can pin Lesnar again. 
He says it won’t be Lashley locked in the Chamber with Lesnar but it will be Lesnar locked in the Chamber with him. Lashley further says he’s looking ahead to put Lesnar in the hospital and sending him to WrestleMania to challenge Roman Reigns. Lashley says he will then be defending his WWE Title in the main event of WrestleMania.
– Alexa Bliss’ therapy session continues now with the doctor asking Alexa to hand over the replica Lilly, to practice a separation exercise. Bliss hands the fake Lilly doll over and the doc says it’s going to be OK. Bliss starts crying. To be continued later tonight.
– AJ Styles defeated Damian Priest via pinfall in championship contender match.
– Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins at backstage now. Rollins says he can’t believe Owens isn’t in the WWE Title Elimination Chamber. Owens isn’t happy with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. Rollins also agrees. He believes that with Seth Rollins’ influence and support, and his own determination and popularity, then after he beating Austin Theory tonight, Deville and Pearce will have no choice but to put him in the WWE Title Chamber as a Theory’s replacement. Owens  also wants to make sure Rollins isn’t lying to him. Rollins laughs and says he’s a lot of things, but he’s not a liar.
– The Miz and Maryse makes their way to the ring for another must see episode of MizTV. Miz hypes his wife for fighting WWE Hall of Famers Beth Phoenix and Edge with him at the Royal Rumble. Now, Miz goes on and introduces his guest, who he brags about beating last week. The music hits and here comes The Mysterios – Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio. 
Miz says he brought Rey and Dominik on the show because when he senses hostility, he likes to address it head-on. He shows us what happened last week that how he sent Rey to backstage after acting like Rey attacked him during the match against Dominik and allowing Miz to pin Dominik to get the cheap win. Miz says he watches that and sees nothing wrong. Rey asks, really? Miz asks Rey if he sees something wrong there then Rey accuses Miz of using underhanded tactics to beat his son. 
Miz can’t believe he’s being accused of cheating, and he asks the crowd the same thing. They boo him but Miz tells them to shut their mouths. Miz says real cheaters were Beth and Edge at the Royal Rumble. Miz further says he is not a cheater, he out-smarted and out-maneuvered last week. Miz says he’s been here for a long time and if you lose to him at this point, it’s your own fault. He rants about being cheated out of a spot in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title. Miz says Rey got his spot in the qualifier, even though he’s been in a tear since returning.
Miz gets upset as the cheating allegations continue and rants about being the biggest WWE Superstar, and how he was on Dancing With The Stars, and a two-time Grand Slam Champion, but his face isn’t on the posters or the WWE 2K22 cover and shows us how Rey is on the cover of WWE 2K22. Miz asks what Rey has that he doesn’t, or what Rey has that Maryse doesn’t. Miz says Maryse should be on the cover because she was tremendous at The Rumble. 
Maryse says Rey could learn a few things from her and call himself Rey Maryse-terio. No thanks, he says. Miz continues ranting about cheers and respect. Now, Dominik steps to Miz and tells him to show his father some respect. Miz asks Dominik if he wants a rematch, then proposes it for tonight. Dominik says he’s on. Miz points out how Dominik is taller than Rey, and asks if he’s sure his real dad isn’t WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Rey snaps but Dominik holds him back. Fans chant for Eddie now. Dominik drops Miz.
– Dominik Mysterio defeated The Miz via pinfall.
– Bianca Belair defeated Nikki A.S.H via pinfall.
– Tamina Snuka, R-Truth and Akira Tozawa looking for Reggie and WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke. They keep looking and sees Dana and Reggie come out of hiding as the coast is clear, for now. Dana thanks Reggie for always having her back and being such a nice guy. She says she’s a better champion because of Reggie, then kisses him on the cheek. 
Reggie wonders what all this means. Dana says it means they are friends, really good friends, and she hopes it never changes. Reggie hugs her and then apologizes but says it’s OK. They run away as Truth, Tamina and Tozawa come back around. Truth yells about getting his title back. He wants Tamina and Tozawa to follow him again but they walk the other way.
– Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory via pinfall.
– Riddle at backstage with Randy Orton and talks about their title shot. Orton warns Riddle he needs to focus on the Elimination Chamber and tonight’s match with Seth Rollins. Riddle agrees and walks off, but comes back and says it would be sweet if he wins the WWE Title and then they win the RAW Tag Team Titles. Riddle says to celebrate tonight’s Academic Challenge win, he’s throwing a RK-Broga party next week and wonders if Orton can make it. Orton says they should focus on tonight first. Riddle agrees and heads back out.
– Lita makes her way to ring. She talks about being in The Rumble and it started to feel like home as she was in there with names like Ronda Rousey, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, and Rhea Ripley. She noticed Lynch’s absence so she went to officials and asked for the match, which she’s wanted for a long time.
Now, music hits and here comes Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. She talks about how she grew up worshiping Lita when she was younger. Lita didn’t turn her nose up at her when she first got to WWE, she saw something in her and for that Lynch is eternally grateful. Lynch says without Lita, there would be no Lynch but now without Lynch, there can be no Lita.
Becky Lynch goes on about how Lita trying to take everything from her at this most important time. She says she’s taken out others and will do the same to Lita, no problem. Lynch is in the prime of her career and Lita may have helped bring her up, but she will have no problem putting Lita down. Lita knows Lynch has the odds and Lita has no issue being the underdog. 
Now, Lita talks about how it was the fans who propped her up and still support her until this day. Lita says as long as the fans are here, there’s still a Lita and she’s OK with her odds. Lita says Lynch will have to get used to how she feels when Lita leaves Elimination Chamber as a five-time champion.
Becky Lynch says she will leave Lita with the people because that’s all she’ll ever have. Lynch looks to leave but suddenly tries to attack Lita. But Lita blocks it and goes for the Twist of Fate but it’s blocked. Lynch drops Lita and unloads on her to keep her down. Lynch raises the title in the air. Lynch drops the title and goes for Man-Handle Slam but Lita blocks it and fights back. Lita drops Lynch with a Twist of Fate. Lita goes to the top and nails the big moonsault. Lita stood tall and poses in the crowd while Lynch seethes and tries to recover at ringside.
– Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce at backstage. Deville wearing a sling and Pearce asks how she feels following what happened on SmackDown with Ronda Rousey but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kevin Owens walks up and wonders if he’s in the Elimination Chamber since he defeated Austin Theory. They says no because qualifying matches were held last week. 
Owens can’t believe they’re turning down the fans who want to see him go to WrestleMania to headline with his best friend. Deville says Owens may not even be at WrestleMania. Owens can’t believe this and goes on about Texas and how they want him at WrestleMania. Owens says he needs this, and they can’t do this to him. He has to be at WrestleMania, the people need him there. Owens ask them to just please think about it, then he walks off.
– Doudrop defeated Liv Morgan via pinfall.
– Alexa Bliss is with her therapist and he says she’s making progress because she didn’t react with anger last time when he gave her the Lilly replica. She reveals a few examples of how she held her anger in while out & about in the last week. The doctor says he thinks they still have some more work to do after she recalls getting mad at a person at the grocery store, who sounds like it may have been Lilly based off her description of the person. Bliss says she got mad at the person and threw them down an aisle, then beat them with a loaf of bread, but after that took a deep breath and walked away from the store.
– Kevin Patrick at backstage with Seth Rollins and Rollins says the other Elimination Chamber participants are not him, and his resume speaks for itself. Rollins says he’s never headlined WrestleMania as WWE Champion but that changes this year because his time is now, he doesn’t care about Brock Lesnar or current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. Rollins laughs and rants some more, then heads out to the ring.
– Riddle defeated Seth Rollins via disqualification after Kevin Owens attacking Riddle. After the match, Randy Orton came out and delivered a RKO to Owens and had words with Seth Rollins.
– Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens defeated Randy Orton and Riddle via pinfall. After the match, Orton dropped Owens with RKO. Rollins watches these from ringside and laughs, and Monday Night Raw goes off air.

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