According to the reports of Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, unlike years past, the low morale and frustration in the locker room ranged “from those who are rarely on television to consistent main eventers.” It doesn’t seem anyone can escape the current direction the company is heading in.

He also further noted that one talent told him they’ve never felt “less heard” in the time they’ve been with the WWE and that attempts to speak with Vince McMahon “go ignored, met with haste, or sometimes seemingly spitefully go the other way based on their recommendations.”

I have spoken to numerous WWE superstars that say morale is the lowest they’ve ever seen it in the company.

More on why, and tons more details at Fightful Select

— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) February 3, 2022

An also Some talent is frustrated with the lack of continuity with storylines which makes things feel like nothing matters. Following is an excerpt from the Fightful Select article as posted by SRS on social media:
“One longtime talent said that nothing matters, outside of four people “maybe,” as the vibe that they get. Over a half dozen main roster talent pointed to issues with continuity and nobody else being designed to do anything. Several talent have felt like they’re without a voice and are reduced to making pleas on social media.”


— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) February 3, 2022

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