Shane McMahon returned at WWE Royal Rumble 2022 as one of the surprise entrant. However, now it’s been reported that he was let go by WWE after massive heat due to his booking in the Rumble match.

Now, Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that an another update about that situation. This report states that Shane McMahon was frustrated on the day of the Royal Rumble because of his ideas being shot down by his father and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.
“It was said that Shane was obviously frustrated the day of the show and that some believed that came from his ideas being shot down by Vince McMahon. The talk was he was upset that ‘he wasn’t being allowed to do what he wanted’ and that he was ‘greatly preoccupied’ by his own role in the Rumble,” PWInsider reported.
This report further added that “Shane McMahon does not hold any executive position or responsibilities” in WWE. In August 2021, he was appointed Executive Chairman of Ideanomics, an electric vehicle company, and has been focused on his duties there.

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