Shane McMahon made a surprise return at WWE Royal Rumble 2022. It was also reported that there were plans for the Shane McMahon to be on regularly on Monday Night Raw and even to compete in the Elimination Chamber Match and also for WrestleMania 38. 

But now those plans have been cancelled and also reportedly that there were consequences of Shane McMahon’s behavior as a producer for the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble Match. Ringside News reported that Shane McMahon wanted the match to be booked mainly around him and also openly buried Jamie Noble.
Now, it was being reported that Shane McMahon has been “quietly let go” by his father Vince McMahon’s promotion because of his actions.
“Vince had no choice. Shane created chaos, had everyone in an uproar, pissed off everyone in the Rumble, openly buried other producers, and was changing things that Vince wanted. Vince had no other choice but to send him home.” revealed RSN.
It also further been reported that the writers have been told quietly that there will be no more creative discussions for the Shane McMahon going forward. So, it seems that all plan for the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion has been scrapped and the writers will be moving in a different direction.

There is a lot going on with Shane McMahon. He is now off RAW, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania.

A tenured source within the company told us that Vince McMahon is also “quietly using the term ‘let go'” to describe the situation… Shane McMahon has been “let go.”

— Steve Carrier of Ringside News (@steve_carrier) February 2, 2022

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