Several reports about Shane McMahon has been revolving around the internet from the past few days. From his return at the Royal Rumble to reportedly being “let go” after immense backstage heat. But if there will be a chance for his return to WWE?

Shane McMahon is currently gone from the company due to his behavior backstage on Saturday night at Royal Rumble. He was one of the producers who worked on the Men’s Rumble Match and it was poorly received by fans for a variety of reasons. 
According to the PWInsider reports, Shane McMahon is taking the heat for the Men’s Rumble match booking. However, there is a possibility of his return once that heat gone. He could be welcomed back into the company in the future.
“The feeling among some is that Shane is taking the brunt of the heat for the poor reception to the Men’s Rumble match and that when the heat for that blows over, he’ll eventually return in some form down the line.”

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