Sasha Banks wins the Raw Women’s Championship in Controversial Way

WWE held the very special Pay Per View Extreme Rules Horror show. It’s a very packed show with new stipulation matches like Swamp Fight.
Tonight on the Asuka defended her Raw Women’s Championship aganist Sasha Banks. It’s a very close match between them with very near falls. But the match ended in the controversal manner.
At end of the match, Sasha Banks tries to hit the Asuka with title belt but referee saw it and take the title from her. But Asuka tries to split most on Sasha but Sasha escapes and Mist falls on referee eyes.
With blind sided referee, Bayley take the advantage and hit the Asuka with Title Belt and wears the referee shirts and counts the three and declares Sasha Banks as the New Raw Women’s Champion.
It’s not the first time WWE ends the matches in Controversial Way but they want to continue the fued between them and wants to see the two double champions on WWE. Let’s how WWE use these situation to build the fued between them.

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