Charlotte Flair speaks about relationship with Andrade and wedding plans

Charlotte Flair recently went as the guest for the Bellas Podcast and she also discussed her relationship with fiance Andrade.
Charlotte said that she used to use Google translate to communicate with Andrade in early on thier dating. They got engaged earlier this year and their wedding plans have postponed due to pandemic and they spending quality time in this pandemic.
“With COVID it’s hard to know where the world will be in six months especially because we want everything to be in Mexico.” Charlotte explained. “I don’t know when the best time is because we want everyone to be able to travel.”

Brie and Nikki go on to ask about the future plans and kids. Charlotte said that she wants kids in the future but right know she is not ready yet.
“I definitely want to be a mother but if I had the same confidence that I now have in the ring with other opportunities or projects , what could I do?” Charlotte said. “I’m not ready to try to figure that out on top of trying to be a mother.”

Charlotte currently out of action due to surgery and it takes longer time to recovery and her return to WWE may take more long.

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