Big Stunts Planned for Swamp Fight Match at WWE Extreme Rules

WWE announced the Swamp Fight between the Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman for non title match at Extreme Rules. It’s going to be a cinematic match and there will be a lot of shocking moments going to plan in the match. 
WWE going to record the Swamp Fight next week and company is bringing their stunt coordinator Ellis Edwards for the Swamp Fight mach according to Wrestling Inc.
Ellis has been doing stunt work since the 1990s with WCW. He also helped arrange the Braun Strowman exploding ring gimmick with Big Show.
It is reported that “every stunt will be big,” but they’re going to do things safely. Ellis is there to make sure of that. WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show will air on July 19th. 

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