Dolph Ziggler hints the possibility of match with Edge

In his entire career, Dolph Ziggler has faced many legends and new talents. He also had the big history with the Edge and Randy Orton and now these three Superstars are on the Red Brand. 
While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Dolph Ziggler discussed his relationship with Randy Orton. He also stated tha many people afraid of Randy Orton to correct but he doesn’t come under that category and he had the good relationship with Randy. 
When they asked about the match with Edge, Ziggler said there is hope that match can takes place. His move to Raw can be open doors for that match possibility.
“And Edge, that Royal Rumble match [from 2011] we had was so cool. I was a guy that lost 99% of the time. I didn’t talk—Vickie [Guerrero] talked for me. When we got to the match, I was so fortunate to have traveled with and be friends with Adam and Jay [Edge and Christian], Tommy Dreamer and [Chris] Jericho. They’re so good, they’re so smart, and me being around them, I became almost as smart. We had this match, a guy that loses every week in a world title match against Edge, and there was no cool backstory. I didn’t cut a 10-minute promo with my life story, nothing like that. But we built this up for a couple weeks and maybe, maybe, I had a 1% chance of winning, which I’ve made a career out of over the past 15 years. I learned so much from Adam on the road during the live events we did together. I mentioned earlier that I wish I could have done a bunch of live events with Mandy, Sonya and Otis because I could have helped them even more. Getting that time with Adam meant so much to me.”

“I almost forget how having fans sounds, but we opened the show that night at the Rumble with a world title match and the crowd was hot. Everyone knew I was losing that match for the first 10 minutes, but the rest of the match was back-and-forth. People weren’t sure what was going to happen, and no one sat down during those last 10 minutes. As much as I try to take credit for everything I do, that was just me trying to hang with Adam. Back then I thought I was great, but I go back and watch that now and there are a million little things that piss me off. But the reaction from that crowd, going from thinking I couldn’t win that match to not knowing if I was going to become world champion, that’s a credit to how good Adam is.”

“I can’t speak highly enough about Adam, and that is one of my absolute favorite matches, which also has to do with our history outside of the ring. If there is a chance where him and I get to go toe-to-toe in the ring again, I would love it. Adam might be in the best shape of his life, which again, like Randy, is starting to piss me off. They’re out there doing 45-minute matches, crushing it, and looking like a million bucks. I need to step up my game.”
Right Now Edge is out of action due to torn triceps and Ziggler is in World Title fued with Drew McIntyre. In future there is possibility of the match between edge, if WWE has the interest on this match.

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