Sting revealed that he wants one last Match

Recently we have seen Undertaker’s Last Ride Documentry, the final days of Undertaker in the ring. WWE also announced that he already wrestled his last match.
Sting also recently hinted that he wants one last match. His last match in WWE was at Night of Champions 2015 aganist Seth Rollins. Sting tweeted out in response to an old photo of him riding a motorcycle. He asked a question in response as he quote retweeted this photo that got a lot of attention:
“Who wants to ta a “last” ride with Sting?”

This was a clear hint that Sting might want one last match. There were rumors that Sting might be involved in the Royal Rumble with a possible Saudi Arabian match. That obviously didn’t happen. Eventually, it was revealed that Sting and WWE no longer have a contract.
Sting officially retired from the ring during his WWE Hall Of Fame induction. 

Who wants to take a “last” ride with Sting?

— Sting (@Sting) July 2, 2020

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