5 Feuds WWE may be planning for the second half of 2020

Due this pandemic WWE had changed the more storylines this year. Whatever happened, WWE creative team had managed to create some great storylines. They have created the huge hype on the Randy Orton and Edge fued at WrestleMania 36 and in the parallel they have crowned the Drew McIntyre as WWE champion and many more.
We have completed the half year of 2020 and looking for what WWE had stored for us in the coming months. So, let’s look at the five fueds that WWE may plan for the second half of 2020.

5. Otis vs AJ Styles

At Money in the Bank PPV this year everyone know that the Otis won the briefcase but that was actually pulled by AJ Styles and it slipped by him and placed in the hands of Otis, who was at the right place to catch the briefcase. This would be the storyline to start their fued. Everyone is expecting that can happen soon as we know that AJ Styles is traded to Smackdown.
So when the everything is set, we can expect that the WWE can build the big match by putting Money in the Bank contract on the line between the AJ Styles and Otis.
Now both the Superstars are working on their way. Otis teamed with Mandy Rose to deal with the Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville while AJ Styles is inch closer to win the Intercontinental Championship for first time. So we can see their fued after a couple of months from now. This storyline against AJ Styles can build the more hype for Otis.

4. Andrade vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens have injured during the match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 36. He returned to Raw after a month. He returned with the Kevin Owens show to Raw a couple of weeks ago with the special guests Zelina Vega and her associates. At the end of the KO Show Apollo Crews joined the party.
Later that they both Teamed up against the Andrade and Angel Garza. Apollo Crews also sucessfully challenged the Andrade and won the United States title last week. So there’s a good chance that the Andrade and Kevin Owens fued can be started.
Kevin Owens already dealing with the Angel Garza who sneek attacked the KO and won the match. So there’s a good chance that the start of the Kevin Owens and Andrade fued.

3. Asuka vs Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler arrived to Raw in the dominant manner and everyone expected that the Becky Lynch would be losing her Raw Women’s Championship belt to Shayna. But unexpectedly The Man relinquished her title due to her pregnancy. 
After the Becky Lynch official announcement of her pregnancy, Shayna Baszler has been still speaking harshly about her which represents that WWE establishing her as the ruthless heel.
The Queen of Spades is not involved in Title picture as of now but WWE is developing her more as the top heel in the women’s division. 
We saw that the tensions raises between the Raw Women’s Champion Asuka and Shayna Baszler at Money in the Bank PPV. Sooner or latter Baszler will be involved in the title picture against Asuka in a dominant manner.
Asuka squaring off with Shayna Baszler will actually be a huge match-up and WWE might want to save that for a bigger occasion, like SummerSlam perhaps.

2. Seth Rollins vs Murphy

The Monday Night Messiah has building the strong faction and getting the hold of things in RAW. He recently added the Austin Theory as his another disciple and attacked the Aleister Black and dominant the Red Brand.
We have seen WWE programming for long enough and sonner or later, Rollins disciple will turn on him. And we will be non other than Murphy.
Murphy and Seth Rollins has miscommunications during the match against Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black where Murphy took lot of beating before Seth Rollins came into the action and injured the Rey Mysterio eye. Similar incidents of miscommunications could lead to the Murphy betraying the Messiah and start their fued.

1. Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar

After the ordinary booking with the Lana aganist the Rusev, WWE had finally portraying Bobby Lashley in his dominant way again on RAW. He joined with MVP who managed him very well and got yhe title shot after the very long years. I didn’t expect him to take the WWE title from the Drew McIntyre but he gonna put the toughest fight against the Drew McIntyre and show how toughest opponent he gonna be in WWE.
Recently Vince McMahon also stated that how WWE ratings are going down in absence of Brock Lesnar and there is a good chance that they gonna bring back the Brock Lesnar to WWE TV.
But WWE fans are not interested to see Lesnar in the WWE title picture but they gonna expect the quality dream matches from the Brock Lesnar. So we gonna ses the Beast Incarnate aganist the Bobby Lashley. This clash of heavyweights Match is expected by every WWE universe fan.

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