Ex-WWE Personality Reveals That Shane McMahon Went Off Script And Challenged Top Star

Shane McMahon has been a prominent figure in WWE for quite some time, especially under the previous regime. Recently, former on-screen personality Matt Camp revealed how Shane took matters into his own hands when he challenged The Undertaker.

Shane McMahon’s most memorable moments in WWE often occurred at WrestleMania. The son of a billionaire was known for his daring stunts during The Show of Shows, including a memorable Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker in which he earned praise for a death-defying drop from the top of the cell in Texas.

Speaking on The Wrestling Matt, Camp revealed that Shane went off-script on WWE: Last Ride Post-Mortem and challenged The Undertaker to a rematch inside Hell in a Cell after WrestleMania 36. Camp noted that this was a bold move by Shane McMahon, as his father Vince McMahon would not have been pleased with the incident.

“At the end, without us having a clue […] he just goes into business for himself, and he challenges Undertaker to another Hell in a Cell match. He was like, ‘We should do it again,’ […] I believe if you go back and watch, it makes the show. You do not do that in Vince McMahon’s WWE. If you’re not going to come through the match, you don’t tease it,” said Camp. [From 2:13 to 3:20] (H/T: Sportskeeda)

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