WWE Summer Slam 2023 Full Results: Roman Reigns Retains Against Jey Uso With Jimmy Uso Interference

The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso via pinfall in Tribal Combat match with Jimmy Uso help and successfully retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Summer Slam 2023.

At the closing moments of the match, Solo goes on to take apart the announce table. He goes for a Spinning Solo on Jey but Jey kicks him, then kicks him onto the announce table. Jey hits the barrier and leaps off, splashing Solo through the table for a big pop. Jey brings Reigns back in and hits a Spear.

Jey goes back to the top and hits the Uso splash for a 2 count as a masked, hooded mystery man yanks Jey out of the ring to break the pin up. The man stands at ringside and looks down at Jey. He reveals his identity and it’s Jimmy Uso, and he’s not happy. Jey looks up and asks why. Jimmy stands there for a few minutes. Jey is emotional and we now see Heyman standing behind Jimmy. 

Fans chant “f**k you Jimmy!” and Jimmy finally superkicks his brother. Jimmy rolls Jey into the ring. Reigns sits up in the corner and he’s a bit shocked. Jey is also up now. Reigns quickly charges with a Spear to put Jey through the table, then get the pin to win and retain.

After the match, Reigns recovers while Jey sits up with his head down. Reigns and Heyman are with the title and the lei now. We see Solo down at ringside, sitting against the barrier and looking around. Reigns exits and stops to put on his lei as Jey yells out in the ring. Reigns stands there taking it all in, while Heyman stands behind him, chanting praise as the Only Tribal Chief. Reigns nods and looks down as Heyman continues the praise. Reigns raises his finger in the air as WWE Summer Slam 2023 goes off the air.

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