WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results (August 11th, 2023)

The post-Summer Slam 2023 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown is live from the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as Kevin Patrick welcomes us. Patrick is making his blue brand debut, and he is joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Michael Cole. They hype tonight’s show.

Here The WWE Friday Night SmackDown Full Results

– We go to the ring and Charlotte Flair makes her way to a pop. The pyro goes off as Flair heads to the ring and Mike Rome does introductions. The announcers show us highlights from SummerSlam, which includes how Bianca Belair won the WWE Women’s Title from Asuka in the Triple Threat that also included Flair, but then Belair quickly dropped the title to IYO SKY after she cashed in her Money In the Bank briefcase. Flair is posing in the middle of the ring now as the music hits and out comes Asuka to a pop.

– Asuka vs Charlotte Flair match ended in no contest after Bayley and new WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY taking out both competitors. After the match, Bayley mounts Flair and unloads as fans boo. SKY keeps Asuka down, then SKY and Bayley high-five to more boos as they continue celebrating. 

Bayley sends Flair face-first into the turnbuckles, then SKY launches Asuka shoulder-first into the ring post. SKY and Bayley dance out of the ring now, joining Kai at ringside. Kai announces SKY as your new WWE Women’s Champion and they continue celebrating. Graves says SKY was chanting “we are the champion!” while backstage today.

– We see highlights from Tribal Combat at SummerSlam. Still to come, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will address the future of The Bloodline.

– Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo video looks at WWE United States Champion Austin Theory to hype tonight’s match with Santos Escobar. Kayla Braxton at backstage with Escobar now. He says one word describes how he feels going into this title shot – confident. Santos says all that confidence will pay off tonight because he’s got Theory’s number and the United States Title is coming to… Theory suddenly attacks Escobar and unloads, then slams him onto production cases. 

Theory talks some trash while pounding on Escobar but here come officials to pull Theory away. Theory slams a production case lid onto Escobar’s knee and he yells out. Theory leaves as The LWO (minus Zelina Vega) comes over to check on Escobar.

– We get a new promo from Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Kross addresses AJ Styles and says it’s time to take things to a new level. Kross goes on and says something about how AJ showed him the importance of brotherhood and how a prophet is truly nothing without his disciples. Kross says we will see soon.

– We go back to the trainer’s room and see the doctor working on Santos Escobar, who is dealing with pain in his knee. 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio is still with him.

– AJ Styles defeated Karrion Kross via pinfall. After the match, AJ stands tall as the music hits. The O.C. now gathers at ringside as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have come down to join the celebration. The O.C. looks on as Kross seethes while down in the ring.

– We see highlights from Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

– Kayla Braxton at backstage waiting for an update from Santos Escobar. WWE United States Champion Austin Theory interrupts and says he’s disappointed Santos is injured because he wanted to defend his title tonight. Rey Mysterio comes out of the trainer’s room and promises Santos will be there for the match. 

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes his way to the ring to a big pop. The pyro explodes as Edge heads to the ring for this surprise appearance. Edge with a mic and says he knows he wasn’t advertised to be here, but it’s been too long since he was in Calgary, and he needed to see the fans here.

Edge says he needed a reason to be up here and here he is… he announces that he wants to wrestle a match next week for his 25th Anniversary in Toronto, a match against someone he’s never wrestled one-on-one. This person is Sheamus. Edge says they have a lot of history, but most isn’t known by fans. He talks about filming in 2019 for Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts show on YouTube and how a bicycle fall had him wondering if he could wrestle again. 

Edge then called Sheamus before the 2020 Royal Rumble return, so that Sheamus could help him find out if he was ready for a return. Sheamus came to his home and stayed, and became a member of his extended family. Edge brings Sheamus out to give him an answer for next week.

The music hits and here comes The Brawling Brutes – Sheamus, Butch and Ridge Holland. Sheamus and Edge joke around for a minute or two, and Sheamus shows us the bicycle footage. Sheamus wants to get serious for a moment. He recalls being at a career crossroads in 2004, he didn’t know if he wanted to pursue his dream in WWE or go do another job. He was working as a bouncer at a club one night and WWE stars were in the pub as the company was in the city for a UK tour. 

Sheamus thought it would be good to talk to some of the Superstars to maybe get his wheels turning, but all talents turned their backs on him that night… everyone but Edge. Not only did Edge talk to Sheamus, he sat down with him and bought him a pint of Guinness, which is a big deal where Sheamus comes from. Sheamus knew then that Edge was a world class athlete. Sheamus says it’s astonishing that they have never wrestled. Sheamus says Edge talks about how that 2019 video was the catalyst for his return… well without that conversation in the pub that night, Sheamus says he would not be standing here tonight.

Edge says how about next week in Toronto… we fight each other, then go to the back and have some nice Scotch. What do you say? Fans pop as Sheamus looks around and takes it all in. Sheamus asks Calgary what they think and fans continue cheering. Sheamus says if Edge swaps that Scotch for Guinness, he’s got a deal. They shake on it and embrace now. Sheamus says he just hopes Edge didn’t make a mistake in asking for this match. Edge nods and smiles as his music hits. Sheamus poses with The Brutes across the ring.

– We see highlights from the Slim Jim Battle Royal at SummerSlam, and how LA Knight eliminated Sheamus to win. We also see Knight’s heated exchange, and brief fight, with The Miz on this week’s RAW.

– LA Knight defeated Top Dalla via pinfall. After the match, LA stands tall as the music hits. Knight takes the mic and says “Yeah!” several times as fans go along with him. LA says it doesn’t matter where it’s at, whether he’s on RAW or SmackDown, whether you call yourself Awesome or Dr. Phil, you will recognize who the people are talking about. They spell the name together and LA ends the promo with a “Yeah!” to the crowd.

– Santos Escobar is in the trainer’s room getting ready. Rey Mysterio is with him. Adam Pearce comes in and says Santos has been cleared for tonight’s match, but Pearce needs to make sure Santos is really ready to go for this. Santos is ready. Pearce walks off. Santos stands up but appears to be limping a bit as Rey helps him.

– We see screenshots of SummerSlam media highlights.

– We go to Bobby Lashley sitting down with The Street Profits, or as Cole calls them, The Suit Profits. Lashley says tonight is a celebration… of destroying what was, of an alliance, of a future of unlimited possibilities. Lashley says one of the saddest things in life is untapped potential… and when he looks at Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, he sees a ton of talent… he won’t say untapped potential because they’ve done some great things, like last week… how did that make you feel? 

We see a replay of Ford and Dawkins taking out Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Butch, and Ridge Holland last week. They both felt good, and like it doesn’t get much better than that, but Ford says it feels like the job is not finished. Lashley tells them to imagine what the three of them can accomplish together – power, control, titles and all. The Profits mention how the sky is the limit. Lashley says SmackDown is ready for new blood, so let’s run this place. They do a champagne toast to end the segment.

– Santos Escobar, who is limping his way to the ring. WWE United States Champion Austin Theory immediately rushes in from the side, laying Escobar out to boos. Theory injures Escobar’s other leg as officials come out to tend to the situation. Theory heads to the ring.

Theory takes the mic in the ring and says he just wants to apologize for all these fans missing out on experiencing Austin Theory Live. Theory says he wanted to defend tonight but Santos is just too weak. Theory calls on a referee to come in and make the result official because he’s ready to go home. Fans boo. Adam Pearce is with The LWO (minus Zelina Vega) and a doctor on the entrance-way, checking on Escobar. Pearce takes the mic and says we promised Calgary a title match, so Theory is going to defend… against Rey Mysterio.

– Rey Mysterio defeated Austin Theory via pinfall and became the new WWE United States Champion. After the match, Rey stands tall as the music hits. Rey takes the title and greets fans at ringside now. Rey then joins The LWO (minus Zelina Vega) on the entrance-way for a celebration and we see Santos Escobar on crutches. The LWO poses together as loud pyro goes off and they continue praising Mysterio while an angry and disappointed Theory looks up from the mat.

– It’s announced that next Friday Night SmackDown, The Grayson Waller Effect will feature 2023 WWE Hall of Famer & new WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio.

– We go back to the ring and out comes The Bloodline – Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. They stop on the stage as the pyro hits while fans cheer and boo. Reigns, Sikoa and Heyman head to the ring now. They stop at ringside, then Reigns and Heyman pose on one apron, while Solo stands on the other, raising their 1s in the air. The trio now stands together in the middle of the ring as more pyro goes off.

Reigns, Sikoa and Heyman stand in the middle of the ring to loud boos but some cheers as well. Reigns calls on Calgary to acknowledge him. Reigns asks The Wiseman where Jimmy Uso is. Heyman doesn’t know. Reigns asks if Heyman went the whole day without talking to Jimmy or seeing him? Heyman says he talked to him this morning and he was rather salty. Jimmy suddenly comes over the barrier at ringside, dressed in all black like he was at SummerSlam. Fans boo when they see Jimmy standing there now.

Jimmy takes his time and enters the ring to boos and “you sold out!” chants. Reigns tells Jimmy to not worry about the fans because they mean nothing. The boos get louder. Reigns chuckles as Jimmy stares him down. Reigns says let’s be real about it… I owe you one. Reigns tells Jimmy to name his price, anything you want and it’s done. A new car? Done. A yacht? Done. Jimmy interrupts and says he wants nothing from Reigns, nothing. 

Jimmy says what he did at SummerSlam, Uce, has nothing to do with you. Reigns laughs and says Jimmy must be confused with something because Reigns can make anything happen. Reigns says… you don’t want material things? You want power or position? The new Right Hand Man? Main Event Jimmy Uso? We can make it happen… the music interrupts and out comes Jey Uso to a big pop.

Jey walks down and stares right into the ring as Jimmy talks to Reigns, perhaps telling him that things might get tough now that Jey is here. Jey enters the ring as Jimmy turns around, and they’re immediately in each other’s faces. They face off as fans pop. Jey says he’s about to throw 37 years down the drain if Jimmy doesn’t tell him why he did what he did at SummerSlam. Jey shoves the mic to Jimmy’s chest and the crowd gasps. 

Jimmy says he did what he did at SummerSlam because he loves Jey. Fans boo and Reigns laughs while standing by in the corner with Sikoa. Heyman is right next to them on the apron. Jimmy was afraid of losing Jey. He says jealousy had nothing to do with it but he thought if Jey won the title, what would happen to The Usos? Jimmy says not only would Jey have become The Tribal Chief, but he would’ve inherited some kind of power that made Jey like Roman. Jimmy says Reigns is corrupted, and he would never be able to live if he watched Jey become an egotistical, lying, manipulative asshole like Reigns.

Fans chant “asshole!” at Reigns now. Jimmy says that is the damn truth… he was just afraid Jey would leave him. Jimmy says it’s fine if Jey doesn’t believe him or never talks to him again, but he did not do what he did as a way to step on Jey’s shine or anything like that… it was because he loves Jey. Jimmy says so if Jey wants to kick his face off and end this 37 years, then give it to me. Jimmy opens his arms and pokes his chest out, waiting to be hit. Jey paces and shakes his head. Jey turns back to Jimmy now. Jimmy is confused as he stops and looks at Jey, then nods and exits the ring.

Reigns laughs and looks at Jey, then says this is the perfect time to say he told you so. Reigns says he’s been telling Jey he’d mess this whole thing up if he wasn’t careful because Jey is a hot-head. Reigns goes on and says this isn’t about Jey or his brother now, no one cares about them any longer. Reigns says this is all about the same thing it’s been about for the past few years, so acknowledge him. Jey superkicks Reigns instead, dropping him. 

Solo quickly beats Jey down from behind. Jey fights back and superkicks Solo to avoid the Samoan Spike. Reigns with a Superman Punch to Jey. Reigns waits in the corner now, hyping himself up and talking trash to his cousin. Jey stumbles to his feet in the opposite corner… Reigns charges with a Spear but Jey intercepts him with a big superkick for a pop and a spear.

Jimmy has reached the stage but Jey goes to ringside, then yells at Jimmy to hold up, stop. Jey tells Jimmy to come back to the ringside area. Jimmy goes to ringside, perhaps to hug his brother, but Jey immediately superkicks him in a big shocker to the crowd. Jimmy is laid out cold now. 

Jey, still at ringside, looks at the camera and declares that he is out… out of The Bloodline, out of SmackDown, out of WWE. He throws up a peace sign and says… dueces, Uces! Jey turns back around and greets fans in the front row, then he exits through the crowd. Reigns looks up from the mat as fans chant “Jey!” now. Jey goes up the stairs in the crowd as fans cheer him on. The post-SummerSlam edition of Friday Night SmackDown goes off the air with Jey continuing up the crowd stairs to the concourse area.

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