Bray Wyatt WWE Return Teased On This Week's Monday Night Raw

The former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt has been on WWE TV for several months. Originally he is set to have a match at WrestleMania against Bobby Lashley and also started building towards that match but due to injury of Bray Wyatt that plans have cancelled.

Bray Wyatt also not included in the recently concluded WWE Draft 2023 and fans are waiting to see his return. Following the recent edition of Monday Night Raw, fans believe there could have been a tease regarding his return. During the Adam Pearce backstage segment, where he was on the phone with Triple H, we are all on the focus of phone call, it appears that there was a mysterious QR code in the background.

These same type QR codes appeared before Bray Wyatt’s return to the company ahead of last year’s Extreme Rules event. These would allow the WWE Universe to follow The White Rabbit for several weeks. Finally, Wyatt was revealed as the man behind the story. In the same way, fans thinking that WWE teasing Bray Wyatt return with the QR code.

The placement of the code made it impossible for the WWE Universe to scan, so it’s unclear what was actually on there, but it could become clear heading into Night of Champions.

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