Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw is live from Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. WWE announced Bobby Lashley vs. Ciampa for US Title, Finn Balor vs. Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins vs. Angelo Dwakins and WWE Women’s Tag Team Title tournament begins tonight.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results:

– Tonight’s WWE Raw opened with Bayley making her way to the ring alongside Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. Bayley shouts, “Ding dong!” and says she hasn’t been here in forever, and this is the reaction she gets… Bayley says they don’t want to be here either, but they know the crowd needs them. They paid to see what they do next to try to salvage this uninspired division. Kai says the Role Model had to crash Summer Slam to shake everyone up. 
Bayley says they can’t honestly say they enjoyed Becky Lynch playing dress-up every week. They also can’t say they actually enjoyed cheering for that champion Bianca Belair. Belair would be nothing without Bayley. That’s why they had to make a statement last week. They took care of Becky Lynch’s dumb little shoulder. They then lit a fire in the Women’s Locker Room. This is for them. They’re bringing back what is missing. Iyo Sky says, “The hunger!” 
Bayley says they’re bringing back the hunger to a division that’s starving for more. They’ve been lost without her. They don’t know how to ask for more. Bayley has learned that if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, then you ask better questions. Bayley has a question for the idiots. How is she the only one to realize what a lethal weapon Iyo Sky is? How is she the only one that realized the benefits of bringing in someone like “Dakota Sky” – she catches herself and says, “Dakota Kai.” They need to shut up so she can think. They’ve been boiling… Bayley shouts at the crowd as they loudly boo her. Kai calms her down. 
Kai says they’re going to prove themselves when they enter the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament and win. But music interrupts and here comes Alexa Bliss. She’s soon joined by Asuka. They stand on the stage… and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair also joins them. They make their way down the ramp to the ring. They entered in the ring and stare at Bayley, Kai, and Sky. Bliss says they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. A loud “EST” chant picks up. 
Bliss says she’s giving them a “ding-dong heads up.” If they win their match tonight, they’ll have to face Alexa Bliss and Asuka. This is giving them more incentive to beat the hell out of them and win the titles. Belair says she’s not finished with Iyo Sky yet. She’s hungry to get in the ring and finish with her. If they’re playing the numbers game, the three of them have no problem dealing with these three. Bayley says she knew they’d get all worked up, but they’re calling the shots. They’ll do a 3-on-3 where it counts, not here in Cleveland. Bayley challenges them to a match at Clash at the Castle. 
Belair says, “Challenge accepted!” and Bayley is trying to keep control, Belair is going to lose it. Belair attacks Bayley, and they all begin brawling. Belair knocks Bayley into the crowd and brawls with her. The other four brawl at ringside. The crowd is loving this. WWE referees run down to help. They all begin brawling in the crowd. Bliss jumps off the barricade onto them all, and the crowd roars for this. WWE producers run down to seperate them.
– Seth Rollins defeated Angelo Dawkins via pinfall.
– Rey Mysterio and Dominik are at backstage and Edge walks up to them. Edge knows things went sideways last week, but he has their back against Judgment Day. Rey Mysterio says he knows he does. Edge says he can see the look in Dominik’s eyes. It really was an accident. Edge asks if they’re cool, and Dominik says they are. Dominik then shoves Edge. His father holds him back and says he’s known Edge for 20 years. Dominik cannot believe his father is taking Edge’s side over his. Dominik walks off. Rey says he’ll talk to his son.
– Kevin Patrick at backstage with The Miz and Ciampa. Patrick asks if Ciampa feels like tonight is his night. The Miz says Ciampa’s performance was “phenomenal.” There’s nothing phenomenal about a guy who sides with a Hollywood hack. That guy (AJ Styles) cost him his match at SummerSlam. Ciampa says he’s dedicating this match to Harley Race, who turned him into the man he is. Race passed away a little over three years ago. A Harley Race robe is hanging in the background. With Harley Race looking down on him and The Miz by his side, Bobby Lashley will feel his sacrifice and realize that he’s already lost.
– Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel match ended in no contest after Owens brutally attacking Ezekiel at ringside. After the match, WWE officials and EMTs checks on Ezekiel and took him away on a stretcher.
– Finn Bálor makes his way to the ring alongside Damian Priest. Rhea Ripley is not there at the moment. Bálor says Edge thinks they should fear him. Edge and The Mysterios can’t get on the same page. Little Dominik Mysterio has already abandoned both of them. The Judgment Day isn’t afraid of anyone. Fear isn’t real. Fear is a product of your imagination. Bálor says danger is very real. Rey Mysterio will find out tonight that Bálor is danger.
Damian Priest wants to be clear with Edge. If he wanted to, tonight he’d lay him out. In two weeks, they’re in Toronto. Edge hasn’t wrestled on Monday Night Raw in Toronto in 12 years. Priest challenges Edge for a match on that show. The Rated-R Superstar versus The Punishment of the Judgment Day. If Edge still has a set, they can end this. Edge may have scalded the Judgment Day, but in Toronto, in front of his family and whatever friends he has left, the Judgment Day will end him.
– Rey Mysterio is walking at backstage. Edge asks if he’s heard from Dominik, but Rey says he hasn’t. Edge says his offer still stands, especially after Priest just called him out. Rey says he knows his son. He’ll do the right thing and come out there. Having Edge there will only make things worse. Edge wishes him luck.
– Finn Balor defeated Rey Mysterio via pinfall. At the closing moments of the match, suddenly Rhea Ripley appears on stage with Dominik on her shoulder! She drops Dominik on the stage. Dominik’s face is all scuffed up. Mysterio distracted and Balor hits Coup de Grace and pinned him for victory.
– Sarah Schreiber at backstage with WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke and Tamina. Brooke says she wants to become a double champion. Tamina is her biggest challenge. Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky walk up. Bayley says they don’t want her title. They want a title that suits them. Tamina says she’s held this title before and can take them all out before it even gets started. Dakota Kai says she’ll see them out there. Iyo Sky says she doesn’t like Tamina.
– Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai defeated Tamina and Dana Brooke via pinfall in first round of WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles tournament.
– Kevin Patrick runs up to Kevin Owens, who is leaving the arena. Owens says if Patrick ever runs up on him again, he’ll do what he did to Ezekiel. Owens did that because he realized who he is. Ezekiel doesn’t know who he is. It took him a while to find himself. There are more eyes than ever on this show, and he figured it would be a good time to remind everyone that this is still the Kevin Owens Show. Strangely, there is a car wreck with people surrounding it in the background of the shot.
– Bobby Lashley defeated Ciampa via submission and successfully retained his WWE United States championship.
– Omos is walking backstage with MVP. He’ll be in action next.
– we got the footage of AJ Styles and The Miz brawling at backstage. AJ Styles will battle The Miz tonight in a No Disqualification Match.
– Omos defeated Andrea Guercio and Spencer Slade via pinfall.
– Kevin Patrick at backstage with Seth Rollins. Patrick congratulates him on his big victory tonight. Rollins is asked about what he thinks Riddle will say next week. Rollins is not happy that he was called over to be asked about Riddle. Rollins told the world that he was done with Riddle. Is Riddle going to have an earth-shattering announcement? No! It’s Riddle. Rollins makes fun of Riddle’s voice and cackles. 
Rollins says he is the gatekeeper of this industry. Anyone or anything that’s any good has to go through him. As great as Riddle could be in that ring, he’s even better at flushing his own potential down the toilet. Don’t believe him? Ask Dana White. If Riddle has even two working cells in that brain of his, he’ll come back for his exclusive interview that he’s hanging up his flip-flops and retiring for good. If he doesn’t do that, Rollins will have to “Cody Rhodes” his ass out the door. If Riddle has something to say next week, then so does he.
– Dolph Ziggler defeated Chad Gable via pinfall.
– Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop are at backstage. Nikki says their victory next week will put them one step closer to the championship. Doudrop says they will crush their dreams. Alexa Bliss and Asuka are shown elsewhere backstage. No one will crush their dreams. Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai show up and warn them that they’ll face them if they win. Police officers run by them, but we don’t see what they’re running toward. That could be connected to the car accident we saw in the background of the Kevin Owens interview earlier.
– AJ Styles defeated The Miz via pinfall in no disqualification match. After the match, AJ Styles celebrates in the ring and he looks around and sees a commotion at ringside. Police have a man pinned to the ground. They pull him up, and it appears to be Dexter Lumis in handcuffs. They drag him off. Commentary barely acknowledges it. Styles looks shocked, but then “pretends” he didn’t see it and Monday Night Raw goes off air.

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