On a recent episode of the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, the former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. spoke revealed the original plans for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge before his retirement in 2011. He explained how Christian was supposed to turn heel and make fun of his neck injury.
“I actually wrote the story for Edge that he ended up having to pull out of because he retired. We wrote this whole thing where, and it was creepy because it was kind of actually what happened to him.”
“He wanted to get the belt on Christian, and Christian was gonna turn on Edge. [He was going to] just for weeks, smash him. It was going to be like when Dave Chappelle spoofed Sesame Street. He was going to do something like that, and they were gonna spell the word spine and what each letter stood for. Just mock what he did to this dude’s neck. It was this whole thing.” (H/T: Sportskeeda

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