At WWE Day 1 pay-per-view, The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar won the WWE Championship by defeating Big E, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley in fatal-5 way match. Now, the question is who is the next opponent for Brock Lesnar.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed about the WWE Day 1 PPV main event fatal-5 way match for the WWE title. He stated that WWE is planning Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley next for the WWE Title. He noted how Lashley booked dominant in the match and the stare down of Lashley after Lesnar winning the title. WWE officials also believed the Bobby Lashley match was more marketable.
“With Lesnar having won the title, the next step is Lesnar vs. Lashley. You could tell, at the end of the show, they teased that glare with Lashley and everything like that, and that was the last scene. The match was booked specifically for that direction. Big E was the one that was pinned because if Big E wasn’t pinned, and obviously, you’d want to go with Lesnar and Big E. But, the decision, for whatever reason, and the reason is that the people who are making the decisions felt that there was a more marketable match, went with Lesnar and Lashley.”
“During the match, if you remember, Lesnar F5ed everyone but never F5ed Lashley, and they set up a couple of spots, which was the Lashley spear through the barricade. There was the Lashley spear in the ring, although Lesnar did kick out of that spear. Then there was the Hurt Lock, which Lesnar was trapped in, with the idea that Lashley proved he could get him in there and probably beat him, but Big E made the save there. They booked spots all to be dominant; all the spots with Lashley and Lesnar were booked for Lashley to look good while Lesnar pulverized everybody else and destroyed everybody else. So that’s the story of where they are going with this.” (H/T: Sportskeeda)

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