The Olympic medalist Gable Steveson signed a multi-year contract with WWE back in September and soon we was drafted to Monday Night Raw during the WWE Draft. Even though it might have come as a shock to see him join the main roster so quickly, it was a planned move on WWE’s part.

Monday Night Raw!!! @WWE

— Gable Steveson (@GableSteveson) October 5, 2021

According to the Fightful Select reports, WWE talent, staff, and crew had been let in on the move to bring Gable Steveson to Raw a day before the draft. The reason for this move was to create a surprise factor for the 2021 WWE Draft and give fans something special to look forward to.
WWE also had plans to have entrance for the Gable Steveson during the Draft and also been listed on the internal run sheet as having an entrance. However,  Steveson wasn’t appeared on the show. Currently, WWE had no plans to use him and we have to wait longer to see his debut.

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