The current Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle recently appeared as special guest on Peter Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat podcast and discussed about the several topics. While speaking, Riddle revealed that he pitched the idea of RK-Bro month before it happen and he also got positive response from backstage. Here what Riddle said:

“I mentioned it about a month or so before it actually happened. I mentioned it to some of the writers, and some of the boys in the back. They all proceeded to laugh at me when I said, ‘How cool would RK-Bro be?’”
“Most of the things I do, I try to talk to the writing team, and I try to talk to the camera crew. I try to talk to everybody and have fun with everybody. I noticed by doing that, my coworkers learn my mannerisms, they learn how I talk, my dialect I guess. They can do things better for me.”
“RK-Bro, I brought it up, wishful thinking, and it got laughed at. I was like, oh that will never happen. A couple weeks later, Randy didn’t have an opponent and I didn’t have an opponent, and we made it happen.” (H/T:

Full Sit Down with @SuperKingofBros ! Loved talking to this dude for the first time … enjoy

Riddle on His Real Friendship with Randy Orton, Wrestling Goldberg and B… via @YouTube

— Peter Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) October 28, 2021

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