At WWE Crown Jewel 2021 pay-per-view, Tribal Chief Roman Reigns defeated The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar and retained his Universal Championship. At the closing moments, Paul Heyman tossed the Universal Championship into the ring right between both superstars. This raised many questions as to whose side Paul Heyman was really on.

On the recent edition of WWE’s The Bump show, Paul Heyman appeared as special guest and discussed about several topics including his actions at WWE Crown Jewel event. Heyman affirmed his allegiance to Roman Reigns and blamed the “terrible jet lag” and his lack of accuracy for the controversial title throw.
“If I could go back to Crown Jewel, which I can’t, then the throw would be more accurate. What happened was, number one – I had terrible jet lag. It’s a long, long, long trip to Saudi Arabia and I had so much business to do because we did have Wi-Fi on the private jet that we took to Saudi Arabia. So it was a long trip to Saudi Arabia. I had terrible jet lag, and, to be blunt, to embrace my own flaws – I’m not an athlete, and I’m not built like an athlete. I don’t have the strength of an athlete or the accuracy of an athlete. So in throwing the title into the ring, my aim is off! Because I’m not an athlete and I had jet lag, and that title is very heavy by the way, extremely heavy,” said Heyman. (H/T: Sportskeeda)

look at Paul Heyman!! he meant to throw it to Brock and help him beat Reigns, but the Uso’s interfered! Heymans face says it ALL. amazing storytelling. excited to see what comes next! #CrownJewel #WWECrownJewel #Lesnar #Reigns #Heyman #WWE

— owen wheeldon (@owennwheeldon) October 21, 2021

Following the Crown Jewel event, Brock Lesnar went on a rampage on Friday Night SmackDown and that led to suspend him indefinitely and also fined $1 Million by Adam Pearce.
Paul Heyman also highlighted this incident and compared his actions with Adam Pearce suspending Brock Lesnar on SmackDown.
“You can’t blame me for my lack of accuracy. I mean, you can, but you’d be wrong to do so. It’s the same way that Adam Pearce is wrong in fining and suspending Brock Lesnar. Not that I’m advocating for Brock Lesnar. I’m just calling it like I see it,” Heyman stated.

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