On the recent WWE Draft, Raw Superstars Ricochet and Jeff Hardy moved to Friday Night SmackDown.  Ricochet and Jeff Hardy didn’t used by WWE much when they were in red brand and now, it seems that both former United States Champions unlikely to get a major push on blue brand either.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the new SmackDown superstars Ricochet and Jeff Hardy are unlikely to get big push at this point. He also noted that there’s a chance that company can turn former WWE Champion Sheamus to babyface but he also won’t big push as well.
“Pushing Hardy can be done, but it’s a stretch at this point because of how much he’s been marginalized and Ricochet has been marginalized far worse. I suppose you can turn Sheamus, but that’s a stretch as well.” stated Meltzer.

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