“You let all your dreams slip through your fingers” – Paul Heyman To Apollo Crews

On last week’s Smackdown, Big E and Apollo Crews battled eachother in Intercontinental Championship Match. It was a great match up between them, in first the match came out as draw and they fought again, in which Big E successfully came out as victorious.
After the match, the challenger Apollo Crews appeared on Talking Smack, which was co-hosted by Paul Heyman and Kyla Braxton. The ‘Special Counsel’ of Roman Reigns addressed Apollo Crews match against Big E. He said stated that Apollo Crews let all his dreams slip through his fingers.
Here what Paul Heyman said: “What did you do? You let your emotions get the best of you in the ring. You let all your dreams slip through your fingers because you’re a sportsman, you’re a gentleman, you’re in there with a friend who you respect and you admire.” (H/T: WrestleZone)
Paul Heyman further stated that Crews match with Big E was seen by his children and they think their father was loser.
“Someone has to be a winner and someone has to be a loser, and tonight, whether you like it or not, your children know in their hearts, ‘My father was the loser in a match.” (H/T: WrestleZone)
Heyman feels that Crews is every bit as champion as Big E and has right to be claimed as Intercontinental Champion but he ‘let it go’ because he is ‘nice guy.
“In my mind, you’re every bit as much the champion as Big E is. You have every right to claim to be the Intercontinental Champion because you pinned his shoulders to the mat. And you let that go because you’re a nice guy.” (H/T: WrestleZone)

.@WWEApollo wants to know what he did wrong in his #ICTitle match with @WWEBigE? @HeymanHustle was prepared to give him the cold, hard truth on #TalkingSmack. @KaylaBraxtonWWE pic.twitter.com/sQrQNQUD8N

— WWE Network (@WWENetwork) January 9, 2021

After Paul Heyman words, it seems many thoughts went into the mind of Apollo Crews and he may look to change his gameplan and once again will towards Big E’s IC Title.

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