Triple H Reveals His Most Difficult Challenges He Faced In His Career

The Game Triple H had a very successful career in WWE. He was the key part of Attitude Era and WWE’s transitions towards Ruthless Aggression & PG Eras. ‘The King of Kings’ also produced some great matches in his career but in 2016, he faced most difficult challenges in his career.
The 14-Time Word Champion Triple H recently appeared as guest on WWE’s The Bump and discussed several topics. He also spoke about his final full-time run in 2016 and The Game mentioned that it was completely unplanned.
Triple H said that he was considered as Vince McMahon’s ‘in case emergency guy’ and he always there sitting for him. And his full-time run in 2016 is the same case, prior he didn’t wrestle for a year long, and he came to do at the highest level, which was his most difficult challenge’s he faced said by Triple H.
“Absolutely, because it was completely out of the blue and completely unplanned in a way. There was a moment in time with injuries and everything that was happening in the company where, you know, I sort of got to a place in my career where Vince [McMahon] would joke that I was the in case of an emergency, break glass [guy]. So, I’d be sitting there with my trunks on. He’d tell me, ‘Okay. You’re my in case of an emergency guy, we’re breaking the glass, and here’s what we’re going to do.’ And you’re like, ‘Oh, my God.’ I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything harder in my career than have moments where you don’t wrestle for an entire year or a long, long period of time. Then you come out and do whatever it is at the highest level, you know, to try to add to the stuff you’ve done without letting others or yourself down. It’s really one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. The pressure was immense.”
Not only in 2016 but also he also had an injury obstacle before his return at 2002 Royal Rumble, when he suffered quad injury for eight months and it was almost cost his in-ring career.
“It’s hard to sort of put into words the journey at that point in time because, you know, there was a high probability I might’ve not been able to wrestle again. Coming back and having the return I did at Madison Square Garden, and the reaction I got was great. The challenge was: How do you capitalize on that? So, to come back at the Royal Rumble, there’s so much meaning there. Not only from a performer’s standpoint but from an athlete’s standpoint, of the validation to be able to do this still.”

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