Reported Reason For Kofi Kingston’s Recent Absence On Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw Superstar Kofi Kingston was missed this week’s Monday Night Raw due to legitimate injury.
On this week’s Raw, Xavier Woods battled T-BAR, but Kofi Kingston isn’t accompanied with his tag team partner. Tom Phillips. Raw’s commentator revealed that Kofi was injured and struggling with broken jaw. Tom also announced that it was happen at TLC pay-per-view.
At TLC, The New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods battled Hurt Business members Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander with their Raw Tag Team Titles on line. Hurt Business defeated New Day to win the tag team titles but Kofi hurt his jaw in the match.
The former Raw Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston also reported that he lost his teeth during the match and appreciated Hurt Business members via social media. But he again appeared on Raw and battled for eight-man tag team match. But his recent absence made fans confused whether his injury is part of storyline or legitimate.

Hats off to @Sheltyb803 and @CedricAlexander tonight. I’m still spiting out pieces of my teeth. You’ve officially earned my respect. Good battle! 🍻

I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next one…

— ⚔️ KOFNAN the Barbarian ⚔️ (@TrueKofi) December 21, 2020

According to the PWInsider (via Cagesideseats), Kofi Kingston’s injury is legitimate and isn’t part of storyline. Initially injury seems to be mild and Kofi continued to appear on Monday Night Raw but now, it was speculated that he suffered a broken jaw.
“According to PW Insider, the jaw injury Kofi Kingston is dealing with right now is a legitimate issue.”
Recently on Instagram, The former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston spoke about his injury.
Here’s what Kofi Kingston said:
”I gotta apologize because I feel like I’m talking out of the side of my mouth and I’m dealing with a jaw injury right now. My mouth is only closing on one side and if I sound kind of funny, that’s why. “Ordinarily I do a lot of imitations, impersonations, and impressions but I’m not doing that right now. I’m talking funny trying to figure this situation out.” (H/T: WrestlingNews)

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