AJ Styles Hints Omos In-Ring Debut At Royal Rumble 2021

AJ Styles and Omos paired up on Monday Night Raw, where Omos is seen as AJ’s bodyguard, and both are looking to be on same page and Omos saved Styles many times during the match. Now, Styles teases that Omos may enter Royal Rumble.
Omos is 7-foot-3-inch tall, he’s previously used as giant ninja alongside with Akira Tozawa and then as bouncer for RAW Underground. Now, he’s working as AJ Styles bodyguard and getting a lot more exposure.
WWE Raw Superstar AJ Styles and Omos recently appeared as guests on WWE’s The Bump and spoke about several topics. During the show, AJ Styles spoke about Omos and had a full praise for him. He also teased that he might enter into annual Royal Rumble match that happens later on this month.
Here’s what AJ Styles said about Omos: 
“Omos is just showing you guys a taste of what he can do. He is much more than just a guy who can throw a Karate kid 7-foot high. He’s much more than that. We’ve got a lot more to show yet. Who knows what’s gonna happen next. You know, the Royal Rumble is around the corner. Think about that.” (H/T: SK Wrestling)

We welcome @AJStylesOrg to #WWETheBump, and he welcomes us to “The Bus.” @TheGiantOmos pic.twitter.com/Y1pspNqZRL

— WWE’s The Bump (@WWETheBump) January 13, 2021

The former WWE Champion AJ Styles already announced his entrant to WWE Royal Rumble 2021 match on Raw Legends Night and now, from his comments it hints that his bodyguard Omos might enter Royal Rumble match to help him to win.

Legends night? I’m going to start this night with a legendary announcement. The Phenomenal One is entering the 2021 #RoyalRumble match! #WWERaw @TheGiantOmos pic.twitter.com/joSGUqdFGt

— AJ Styles (@AJStylesOrg) January 5, 2021

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