R-Truth Reveals The Advice Vince McMahon Always Gives To Him

WWE Raw Superstar R-Truth recently had an interview with Sports Illustrated and discussed about numerous topics including about his character in WWE. He said that his greatest gift is making people feel good that’s what he naturally do. He also revealed that Vince McMahon always advices him to ‘just be yourself’.
Here what R-Truth said: “I built an engine where you can shift into different gears and hit different emotions. I mean, you can make people mad. People do that all the time. Someone can make their neighbor mad by walking to the mailbox. I want to do something else. I want to pull out different emotions.”

“My greatest gift is making people feel good. That’s a natural aura, that’s what I naturally do. You see a lot of Ron Killings in R-Truth. Vince McMahon always tells me, ‘Just be yourself.’ I know myself and I know my character. I’ve soaked up a lot from my time in the business and from my peers. And what people are watching right now is a combination of all my years and lessons. I’m so grateful I get to be me in WWE.”

R-Truth Reveals The Advice Vince McMahon Always Gives To Him
R-Truth with Vince McMahon

R-Truth has been with the company for around 13 years and always have the spot in the promotion despite of never being a top guy. Everyone likes his funny character and after introducing the 24/7 Champion, he has been in regular TV appearances. He is currently holding the record of 46-time 24/7 champion in WWE.

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