Alexa Bliss Reacts After Shooting A Fireball To Randy Orton

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, ‘The Game’ Triple H returned to WWE and had intense exchange with The Viper Randy Orton on the opening segment of show. Orton challenged Triple H for a match and HHH accepted it later on show.
Orton and Triple H face each other on the Raw’s main event but the match was ended abruptly with Alexa Bliss interference. Randy Orton was shocked by Bliss return and Bliss hits Orton with fireball to his eyes. The show was ended with Orton screaming in pain.
After the show, Alexa Bliss took the Instagram and posted here reaction for actions on Randy Orton. She posted a photo of she hitting former WWE Champion Rand Orton with fireball, with caption ‘An eye for an eye’.
Will The Fiend return on Raw next week?

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