Raw Superstar leaving WWE after Tonight’s Raw

There is lot of news about the Kairi Sane leaving WWE and going back to Japan. But there is uncertainty about the news. She was supposed to leave WWE on May but due to pandemic her plans were cancelled but time has come now.
According to PW Insider, Tonight’s Raw episode is final TV apperance of Kairi Sane in WWE. She choose to leave Japan for Full time as she was married earlier.
Sane was leaving WWE on ‘Good Terms’ and she will be remain part of WWE extended family. But tonight Raw episode is last as a part of her run.
Kairi Sane was at ring side during the match between Asuka and Sasha Banks which was ended in Controversial Way. So, her match with Asuka also not likely to happen. Let’s see how WWE had booked her on tonight’s Raw.

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