Randy Orton has good stats at Summer Slam Event

The Legend Killer Randy Orton is finally set his eyes on WWE Title. After overcoming the many legends, he finally issued the challenge for Drew McIntyre for WWE Title at Summer Slam. 
Coming to Summer Slam Randy Orton has the intersting stats. He won the three World Championships at different Summer Slam events. 
Those wins came in 2009 against John Cena, 2011 against Christian, and 2013 against Daniel Bryan. 2013 was also a Money In The Bank cash-in for Orton.
This time also Viper is very likey to add another Championship regin to his career. And his stats also very favorable to the Orton. This time Drew McIntyre has the biggest challenge in his career and have to fight hard to retain the title. But we have to see is WWE putting title on Randy Orton or keeping it with Drew McIntyre.
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