Big E wants to face Brock Lesnar

Big E is now set for the singles run in WWE. In last week Smackdown, Kofi Kingston revealed that he was injured and it’s Big E time now. Finally Big E is set for the singles run in WWE.

Big E had the great run in Tag Team division and now he had different plans in WWE. He may enter into the WWE title picture and may have little chance of winning title. Braun Strowman vs Big E also going to be good match.
During Table Talk, Big E revealed that he wants to face Brock Lesnar in singles match. 
“We have done some stuff with Brock Lesnar. I haven’t had an official match with Brock, but it forced to pick one, maybe Brock. Let’s say, Brock.”

“You don’t want to win the title and lose it the next day, you want to hold on to it as long as possible. So the number of reigns is cool. I think people get caught up in that… If I held a title for 20 days and I had like 10 titles, that’s not that impressive. But if I held it for 90 days, which actually I think today is our 900th day of being tag champs, that’s pretty impressive.”

He also said that Title Regin is also important for his career. He also said that he also wanted to face top tag teams like undisputed era. Let’s see how WWE gonna book Big E in his single run.

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