Tonight’s RAW is the final such show before WWE Backlash on Sunday. And to serve as the final push for the “greatest wrestling match ever”, Edge will appear on a special edition of The Peep Show. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an episode of The Peep Show, and who knows what Christian will have in store for his best friend.
That isn’t the only talk-show happening tonight however, as we can also expect the V.I.P Lounge with MVP and his guest, Bobby Lashley. This Sunday, Lashley will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship, so expect some fireworks from the Scottish Psycopath and the Almighty.
Elsewhere tonight, The Viking Raiders and the Street Profits will face each other in a decathalon, Rey Mysterio will appear to clarify if he plans to retire, Sasha Banks and Bayley appear as new Women’s Tag Team Champions, and former NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair battles Asuka once more.
And that’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. You can follow along on the Ringside News app, and join us on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy the show!
WWE RAW opens with the RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka, coming to the ring.
Asuka is expecting her opponent, Charlotte, but instead Sasha Banks and Bayley come to the ring. Asuka tells them this is her ring and she wants to fight. Sasha tells her to back-up but out comes Charlotte. Flair tells Bayley and Banks to make the most of the spotlight before they lose the belts again. Flair tells them to move on because everyone wants to see her and Asuka fight.
The IIconics come out and say the real match people want to see is the Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Backlash. Charlotte says that no matter how many titles Banks and Bayley have, they’ll always be garbage. The Champs hit Flair, and The IIconics attack Asuka. Flair and Asuka clear the ring.
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The match starts with Banks and Peyton after a lot of yelling and shoving. Royce with a headlock. Sasha slams her, dodges a kick, and they hit stereo dropkicks. They shove each other, then knock Asuka and Flair off the apron. Bayley tags in and drops a knee on Royce.
Kay tags in but Bayley routs her until Flair tags in and chops the Champion down. Flair misses a splash and gets attacked, then forced to the corner where Banks tags in. Flair drops both women but Asuka tags herself in and takes out both Sasha and Peyton with a bulldog.
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The IIconics are in charge as we return but Flair tags herself in and tosses Peyton. Flair beats on Kay until Asuka tags herself in, then Flair tags herself in again and chops Kay in the corner. Charlotte heads up top but Asuka tags in and applies the Asuka Lock, forcing Kay to tap.
Charlotte and Asuka will still have their scheduled match tonight. Flair drops Asuka after the match, then lifts the RAW Women’s Championship.
We see a replay of Seth Rollins’ retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio last week. Rey will give an injury update after the break. Seth Rollins comes out and joins the commentary team so that he can talk to Rey.
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Rey is live from his home and he says his eye is healing but there’s no time frame for him competing. But he has a warning for Seth: he’s not going to wait to hit the 619 at the end of the match, he’s going to hit it right away. He’s going to kick Seth’s ass.
Seth says Rey doesn’t understand. He could have walked away a legend. So he’s inviting him to RAW next week, along with Dominik. So that he can see he walk away and realise his injury was for the greater good. Rey says Seth is only inviting him because he can’t compete. Seth begins to disagree but Aleister Black appears out of nowhere and dives on Seth as we take a break.
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Austin and Humberto start proceedings. Carrillo hits an arm-drag but Theory comes back with a rolling dropkick. Both make tags and both hit a flurry of strikes.
Black hits a springboard moonsault and looks for Black Mass but Theory distracts him and gets knocked to the floor. Carrillo hits a rocket suicide dive into the barricade, then Black drops Murphy with a switch knee for the win.
Rey Mysterio’s music hits but Seth comes out wearing his mask. The distraction allows Murphy and Theory to attack Black and Carrillo. ATL from Theory takes out Carrillo, then Murphy knees Black. Seth directs a beating and hits a Stomp himself.
Charly Caruso interviews Randy Orton backstage and she asks how does he prepare for a match with such high expectations. Orton says the only thing he’s interested in is if Edge will be the only guest on The Peep Show. She says he will be and Orotn says he’ll be there too.
*Commercial Break*
It’s Peep Show time, and Christian is in the ring. He introduces his best friend, Edge, who comes to the ring smiling.
Christian says Edge knows how happy and excited he was when he made his comeback and won at WrestleMania. But he has to be honest, he thinks Edge is running on fumes. Christian says he doesn’t think Edge could have had the greatest wrestling match in his prime, let alone now. He says he’s trying to be a friend, that Edge is buckling under pressure.
Edge tells Christian to pump the brakes. He asks him if he’s thought about what he’s going through? He says his task is like being dropped at the base of Everest and told you have no gear or crew, now go. He says he is not the same Edge, he’s an Edge that doubts himself. He’s not the same Edge that had to help Christian prepare for every match. And he’s nervous about facing a Randy Orton that has been firing on all cylinders.
Christian says it’s all a lot of excuses. That he can’t come back, hit a few Spears and get away with it. And who believed in Edge more than anyone? His mom. She was there for all his big matches, right at ringside. And she’ll be there at Backlash (in spirit), and if Edge can’t be there then he should leave right now. Edge glares at Christian, who smiles. Christian says that’s the Edge we need, the one we believe in. He says this is the Edge that has the anti-venom and the man that can have the best match.
Randy Orton appears on the screen backstage and he tells them to shut up. Randy says Edge says he’ll try and that’s pathetic. He says the expectations are astronomical but what happens if Edge can’t deliver? He will beat Edge and send him back home to his wife and kids. At Backlash the redemption of Edge is over. Edge simply says “no, it’s not.”
Charly Caruso interviews MVP but he says for a real answer we need to watch the V.I.P Lounge. R-Truth appears trying to hide in a box and MVP tells him he’s a clown. Lashley grabs Truth from behind in the full nelson and puts him to sleep.
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The Street Profits faced The Viking Raiders in a Decathalon. Ford faces Ivar in a 1600 metre dash and Ford whips him. The Vikings elect for bow & arrow shooting and they win that. The Profits then choose flipping red cups and, needless to say, they win but Ivar smashes the table. The Vikings choose sword fighting but Ford refuses to fight. The Profits choose Hurdles and Ford beats Ivar, who chose to run through them instead of jumping over. The Vikings choose a stick fight and win, then the Profits choose a dance off and they win. The Vikings elect a shot put but lose. The Vikings choose a turkey leg eating contest and clean the floor. The Profits choose a pole vault but Ivar beats Ford. Meaning it finishes 5-5.
United States Champion, Apollo Crews comes to the ring. Apollo says he is so excited to defend his title at Backlash, against the winner of this next triple threat match. Andrade and Angel Garza come out but Kevin Owens attacks them before they get to the ring, slamming both into the barricade.
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Number One Contender Match
The match begins and the heels team-up on Kevin Owens. They each grab a leg and twist, then stomp him down. They hit a double back elbow and argue about who can pin Owens. They split Owens’ legs, then Garza kicks him in the head.
Owens starts fighting back but Andrade targets hig leg again. Garza attacks Owens’ leg while Andrade has a chinlock, and Apollo is shown watching on a monitor. Andrade attempts a pin after a double suplex, but Garza ouls him off. They start brawling and it spills out of the ring. Andrade slams Garza into the plexi-glass, then Vega gets knocked down.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Garza is knocked from the top rope but KO, who follows-up with a senton but Andrade breaks the pin attempt. Owens knocks Andrade into the corner and hits both with cannonballs, but Andrade avoids a second and hits running knees to both. Garza drops Andrade with a superkick, then Owens hits Garza with one.
KO hits a frog splash to Andrade for a near-fall. Andrade counters a pop-up powerbomb and hits a discus elbow for a near-fall. Angel hits a missile dropkick to KO, then trades chops with Andrade. They spill out of the ring and Owens hits a tope to both. KO attempts a Stunner but Garza hits a dropkick to the leg, then applies a leg submission. Owens counters the Wing Clipper with a Stunner but Andrade kicks him off, then pins Garza!
Charlotte is interviewed backstage and she says she is one of a kind. She main evented NXT the previous night, and tonight she main events RAW. Asuka dances into the scene and Flair asks if she ever takes anything seriously, to which asks says yes, then slaps her hard.
*Commercial Break*
Andrade and Garza are arguing backstage when Zelina walks up and points for them to leave.
Kurt Angle weighs-in on Edge Vs. Randy Orton, and he says chemistry is the key to a great match. He says he had that with Brock Lesnar, and Edge has it with Randy Orton. He thinks Edge will win and he can’t go against a fellow Hall of Famer.
The Viking Raiders are backstage with Drew McIntyre and ask if he’s going to become a viking. Drew says he’s thinking about it and says he’s impressed with Ivar’s populairty with the ladies. He wishes them well in their match against Lashley and MVP tonight, but tells them to check out the V.I.P Lounge next.
*Commercial Break*
MVP is in the ring for the V.I.P Lounge. MVP introduces Bobby Lashley but out comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre instead.
McIntyre says Lashley grabbed him from behind last week and he’s still feeling it. MVP doesn’t know what that feels like but he does know what a Claymore feels like. Drew says he doesn’t understand why Lashley would listen to MVP when he’s never won a title. But this is going on too long, he wants to talk less and Claymore. So he’s going to count down and hit him with the kick, but Lashley appears. Drew stares at him and says he’ll have to take the title from his cold dead hands. MVP tries to sucker-punch Drew but gets a headbutt, then out come The Viking Raiders and the Street Profits to stand with the Champ. We have tag team action, next!
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MVP starts against Ivar, but he immediately tags Lashley in. Lashley beats on Ivar and hits a flatliner. MVP tags in and punches away at Ivar in the corner. Lashley tags back in and elbows Ivar. The Viking starts a comeback and Erik tags in, and the Viking Raiders double-team Lashley. Lana is seen watching backstage.
MVP tags in, but Erik takes him down and punches him. Ivar tags in and shoulders MVP. Ivar applies an armbar to MVP before tagging Erik back in. Ivar scoop slams MVP, then Erik scoop slams Ivar onto him. Lashley tags in, but Erik forearms him. Erik then hits the ropes but Lashley hits a big one-armed spinebuster for a near-fall.
MVP tags back in before hitting a snapmare and kicking him in the back. MVP covers for a two-count. MVP tries to cover a few more times for the same result. Lashley tags in and chokes Erik with his boot. MVP tags back in and they hit a double-team suplex on Erik for a near-fall. Lashley tags in and kicks away at Erik, but the Viking stuns Lashley with a punch and both men crawl to their corners.
Ivar and MVP tag in, with Ivar landing lariats before slamming him down. Ivar hits a low cross-body and roars. MVP punches back at him and tags Lashley, but Ivar hits MVP with a seated senton, cartwheels around Lashley, then knocks him out of the ring. Lashley pulls Ivar out of the ring and bounces him off commentary. Lashley and MVP get in the Street Proftis’ faces. Ivar then hits Lashley and MVP with a suicide dive as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
We come back from the break to see Erik applying an armbar to Lashley. Ivar tags in and attacks Lashley, but the Almighty quickly clotheslines him down. MVP tags in as Lashley shoulders Ivar, then MVP follows up with a running big boot for a near-fall. MVP covers Ivar for a two count.
Charly Caruso appears beside Lana backstage and asks if it bothers her that Lashley asked her to stay backstage. Lana says it does bother her that this leech attached itself to her husband, but they’re going to be champion. It also let her focused on her own career.
In the ring, Lashley is attacking Ivar, but the big man punches him back before hitting the ropes an running into a scoop powerslam. MVP tags in but Ivar fights him off and makes a tag to Erik, who runs wild over MVP. Erik clocks MVP with a right hand before knocking Lashley off the apron., then slingshots over MVP before hitting an exploder.
Ivar tags back in, and Erik hits double knees on MVP. Erik tags in and slams Ivar into MVP but Lashley breaks up the pin. Lashley is sent out of the ring and lands in front of McIntyre. Lashley stares at Drew then runs past him and spears Ivar who climbs out after him. Lashley blind tags in as Erik knees MVP in the face. Lashley applies the full nelson to Erik for the win!
Ivar hits MVP after the match, which results in Lashley locking-in the full nelson on Ivar. The Profits and McIntyre storm the ring and rip Lashley off, and the Champion hits a Claymore that sends him reeling.
*Commercial Break*
The commentary team run down the card for WWE Backlash this weekend. Asuka and Charlotte make their entrances for the main event, then Sasha Banks and Bayley come out and join commentary.
The bell rings and Flair attacks Asuka, forcing her to the corner until the referee pulls her off. Asuka kicks her away and takes the back but Flair elbows her and hits a big boot. Flair pulls Asuka out of the ring, and throws her over the announce table as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Flair slams Asuka into the apron, but the Champion fires back with a head kick. Back in the ring, Asuka applies a Black Widow but Charlotte slams her. Flair rams Asuka’s face into the mat over and over, then drives a knee into her back and pulls her arms.
Asuka breaks free and rolls outside where she hits a hip attack into the barricade. Flair turns the tables and slams her into the barricade a few times, then back into the ring. Flair removes her knee pad, lands some knees, then takes a headlock. Asuka fights up and hits a small package for a two-count, then Flair hits a big boot for a near-fall.
Charlotte throws Asuka to the floor, then hits a baseball slide. Asuka fights back and they get back inside, meanwhile The IIconics run down and attacks Banks and Bayley. Banks is slammed into the barricade, and Bayley gets dropped on the announce table.
*Commercial Break*
We return in time to see Asuka hit a hip attack. Asuka lands some kicks, then counters a roll-up to apply an armbar. Flair fights out with repeated elbows. Flair hits a sidewalk slam for a two-count. Charlotte applies a sleeper and holds Asuka down for a while. Charlotte knees Asuka, and attempts a one-footed pin.
Flair kicks Asuka and some right hands, but the Champion hits a dropkick to create some distance. Asuka counters a big boot with a German suplex, then hits a hip attack that knocks Flair to the floor. Asuka hits a running knee from the apron. Both women struggle for control on the apron, and Charlotte hits a big boot.
Flair gets on the barricade and hits a moonsault to Asuka on the floor. Flair then slams Asuka’s leg into the ring post. Flair hits another big boot for a near-fall. Charlotte runs for a Spear but Asuka gets a knee up! Asuka applies an inverted octopus stretch but Flair escapes and hits a spear for a near-fall. Asuka rallies but Nia Jax appears and the Champ attacks her, allowing Flair to hit a big boot for the win.
After the match Nia comes into the ring and lays out Asuka with a Samoan drop. She’ll face Asuka on Sunday at Backlash for the RAW Women’s Championship.

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