5 WWE Superstars Roman Reigns is yet to face

The Big Dog has now spent a decade with the company and has faced a host of WWE Superstars. He’s had a feud or a match with possibly every household name that you can think of. Having said that, there are still a few Superstars with whom Reigns is yet to square off inside the squared circle. Let us have a look at five of them.

#5 MVP

MVP made his first WWE appearance in almost eight years when he made a backstage appearance during RAW 25 in 2018. Two years later, the man known as Montel Vontavious Porter participated in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match in what seemed like a one-off appearance. However, MVP would return to RAW a few weeks later, signaling that he had indeed returned to the company full-time.
Now, the major reason why Roman Reigns hasn’t squared off with MVP can be attributed to the fact that the two have barely been active together on WWE’s roster. The latter’s original run in WWE came in the 2000s and since his return, he’s been a mainstay on RAW while Reigns is on SmackDown. This doesn’t mean that the two will never square off in a WWE ring. There’s always the chance of bringing Reigns face to face with MVP using the brand-to-brand invitational rule. 
The fact that MVP now manages Bobby Lashley could also be used as an angle to put up a match or two between the former and Roman Reigns. Obviously though, there’s only one way the match is likely to lead given the fact that MVP is in his twilight years while The Big Dog is enjoying his prime years.

#4 Aleister Black

While a match between Aleister Black and Roman Reigns doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon, if and when this match happens, it’ll certainly grab all the headlines. A huge chunk of the WWE Universe considers this to be a dream match.
Reigns is one of the most accomplished Superstars in the company right and Black seems to be on a similar path. 
The Dutch Destroyer has the backing of Paul Heyman and many see him as the future of WWE. It makes sense too when you factor in the solid booking he’s received in the last year or so.
The fact that both Superstars are faces right now and on separate brands certainly does not help the chances of a potential face-off between the two. But as we’ve come to learn, everything’s possible in WWE.
Perhaps, we could see these two Superstars settle things inside the ring in a “passing of the torch” sort of match, similar to the one Reigns had with John Cena back at No Mercy in 2017.

#3 Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin was a household name in WWE during his initial run in the company. He had some incredible matches against the likes of Chris Jericho, Triple H, and Kurt Angle. He even won multiple titles for his exploits including the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, and the WWE Tag Team Championship.
His second stint with WWE though has been largely unsatisfactory. Benjamin was paired with Chad Gable upon his return in 2017 and the duo seemed to be making a mark in the tag division, getting multiple shots at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships in the process which they failed to make use of.
The two were split following WrestleMania 34 and while Roman Reigns’ career has only soared during all this while, Benjamin’s has continued to spiral down. Given that Shelton Benjamin is only making sporadic appearances these days, he could be used once in a while against Reigns sometime down the future but it would likely be a squash match.
In the ideal setup though, Benjamin and Reigns have the capacity to blow the roof off the arena if allowed to put up a match to the best of their abilities.

#2 Jeff Hardy

To say that Jeff Hardy has had a notorious past with WWE would be an understatement. With the exception of the Universal Championship, The Charismatic Enigma has won every main roster title that you can think of. However, his history of drug abuse has certainly left a dent on his Hall of Fame-worthy career.
Nevertheless, he seems to have learned from his mistakes as he embarks on his latest singles run in the company and already has a strong opponent in Sheamus to feud with. Much like MVP though, Hardy has remained away from WWE for the majority of Roman Reigns’ active years in the company.
When Hardy did return to WWE during WrestleMania 33, he was paired with his brother Matt as the duo added depth to the tag division of the company. Hardy has, in fact, had matches with Reigns’ former stablemates in Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) but he has never feuded with The Big Dog.
Jeff Hardy is on the same brand as Roman Reigns now but even after the latter’s return, whenever that might be, I don’t see a match happening between the two in the near future. Both are extremely over as babyfaces and rarely do we see Vince and co. book such matches.

#1 The Fiend

Okay, yes, I know that Roman Reigns has squared off with Bray Wyatt multiple times in the past. But bear with me while I explain to you why his Fiend gimmick is worthy of inclusion on its own.
Simply put, The Fiend and Roman Reigns are two of WWE’s biggest draws. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, The Big Dog always turns heads and brings in the ratings. So this is one dream match that is certainly bound to happen sometime down the line.
Let’s just focus on The Fiend for a bit now. He’s unlike any other Superstar that Roman Reigns has ever faced. He’s a character that has been portrayed as the scariest persona in the history of WWE. The fact that Wyatt himself has always referred to him in third person also opens up the possibility of The Fiend being a separate person altogether.
Even though Reigns has overcome every obstacle that has come in his path till now, I don’t know if the same will be the case with The Fiend when these two come together. And I say ‘when’ and not ‘if’ because like I’ve mentioned already, I’m pretty sure this match will happen someday down the line because both Superstars are in the main event scene of SmackDown.

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