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Tonight’s show is the first following the excellent Revolution PPV on Saturday night. And of course, that means we’ll have all the fallout tonight. The biggest of which is the new AEW Champion, Jon Moxley! The lunatic fringe defeated Chris Jericho in a gruelling match and ushered in a new era, which starts tonight. Moxley will be teaming with Darby Allin to face Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara, combining two matches from the PPV into one grudge match tonight.
Nyla Rose is set to appear following her win over Kris Statlander, Lance Archer will be making his debut, PAC tackles Chuck Taylor, and Big Swole will face Leva Bates. And that’s the preview of the first post-Revolution Dynamite. Let us know what you’re excited to see and enjoy the show!


AEW Dynamite opens with a recap video for AEW Revolution. Justin Roberts introduces the new AEW Champion, Jon Moxley!
The fans chant for Moxley and he holds the mic above his head. He says the belt on his shoulder is a beautiful thing because of what it represents. What the letters “AEW” represent: professional wrestling. The sport he loves and he has dedicated his life to. The belt never belonged to Chris Jericho and it doesn’t even belong to him, it belongs to the fans.
Not just the fans in the arena but the fans all over the world who willed the company into existence. The fans who wanted something different something better, and they’ve brought pro wrestling back. He says he will defend the belt with his life, and crawl through any hell, climb any mountain, and there isn’t a man in the industry who has what it takes to pry it from his hands.
And he isn’t hiding, he’s happy to knock out, choke out, or drop anyone on their head. However he knows it isn’t over with him and The Inner Circle. They hate him, they hate seeing him with that title, and he knows they’ll be coming for him. So he has a message: I dare you.
Chris Jericho walks out with The Inner Circle in tow, the first time he’s ever been on the show without the title. Jericho says he doesn’t need a belt to be Le Champion. The fans chant “yes you do”. Jericho calls them idiots and tells them to shut their ass. He continues, saying it’s typically reckless Mox to invite the whole Inner Circle to come after him. But that M.O. paid-off, because it’s gotten him to where he is and a new era has begun.
Y2J asks the fans if they like the Moxley era and they say yes, to which he says it sucks ass. Jericho says Moxley’s title reign began with a lie and deception. He spent months training for a fight against a man with one eye, but the fact that he can see with two eyes mean he is a cheater and a liar. And that makes the fans liars too.
Jericho says Moxley’s actions have turned The Inner Circle from good-looking, good-natured guys, into a hit squad. And they’re putting the entire AEW roster on notice. He doesn’t care who you are, they’re going to tear everyone apart. After the main event tonight, in which he and Sammy Guevara face Moxley and Darby Allin, he guarantees Moxley won’t leave the arena on his own two feet. And he’s so sure of it, that he’ll take a leave of absence for 60 days if Moxley can. The fans chant “Fozzy sucks”. Jericho says he always has a plan and Moxley isn’t as smart as he thinks.
Moxley says nobody ever said he was a genius, he didn’t even graduate high school. But he’s so sick of listening to Jericho, so tonight he will do what he did on Saturday, he’s going to send him packing for 60 days and make him look like a stupid son-of-a-bitch. And that’s the end of the segment.
Still to come tonight, PAC Vs. Chuck Taylor, Big Swole Vs. Leva Bates, Jake Hager Vs. QT Marshall, and the debuts of Lance Archer and Colt Cabana.
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The match gets underway with Stu Grayson and Colt Cabana. The AEW newcomer ducks and dodges Grayson before chopping him, then hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Dark Order storm the ring and knock Cabana down, and knock SCU from the apron.
Uno elbows Cabana and Grayson drops him. Uno tosses Cabana to the corner and tags John Silver, who gets clocked with a 12-6 elbow, then all three members of SCU hit dives over the ropes onto Silver. They knock Dark Order from the apron, then each hit running attacks to Silver in the corner.
Sky and Silver are legal, and Scorpio delivers a few kicks and a dropkick for a two-count. Daniels tags in and he tosses Silver to the apron, but Uno grabs his leg and Grayson knocks him from the ring. Uno tosses Daniels into the barricade, then back into the ring. Silver puts Daniels in the corner and tags Uno, who stomps Daniels down in the corner.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Reynolds is beating on Daniels in the ring. Evil Uno tags in and Daniels fires some shots at him but Uno comes back with a neckbreaker. Tag made to Grayson and they hit a sidewalk slam/elbow drop for a near-fall.
Dark Order continue making use of quick tags, with Reynolds and Silver hitting an impressive Stunner/German suplex combo for a near-fall. Grayson tags in again and gets Daniels on his shoulders but Chris counters him and makes a tag to Kazarian, who comes in against Reynolds with clotheslines. Flying forearm from Kazarian, followed by a leg drop to Silver coming through the ropes. Scoop slams to both Silver and Reynolds, followed by a springboard leg drop to both!
Evil Uno runs in and attacks Kazarian, prompting Cabana, Daniels, and Sky to come in and beat him down. The babyfaces throw the heels from the ring, then beat Uno down in the corner. Grayson returns but he gets beat down to. Kazarian and Daniels work together to knock Silver down, and Frankie hits a cutter to Reynolds for a near-fall.
Tag to Cabana, who drops Uno and Silver with right hands, but Uno pokes him in the eye. Cabana comes back with a springboard moonsault to take them both out, then Reynolds and Cabana wind-up on the top rope and hits the Chicago Skyline and the Superman pin for the win!


After the match Evil Uno screams on the microphone that the Exalted One will be furious and when he arrives, heads will roll.
We see a replay for the AEW Tag Team Championship match at Revolution. Jim Ross says it was the best tag match he’s ever seen. Dr. Britt Baker has joined the commentary team for the next match.


The match gets underway and Swole shoves Bates, who lifts a book and tries to give it to her but Swole throws it! Bates slaps Swole, who then swings a kick but hits The Librarian instead on the apron. Bates hits Swole with a book, followed by a backstabber.
Swole starts to come back and hits a cutter from the apron to the ring. Swole hits dirty Dancing for the win.


We see a replay of the Cody Vs. MJF match at Revolution, then Cody makes his entrance in a suit.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back live with Cody in the ring and the fans are chanting for him.
Cody says he doesn’t want to broach the subject of what it feels like to lose to MJF personally, but he can tell you what it feels like professionally. You work hard as a wrestler to get your time to shine on a PPV, and it’s guaranteed money. An opportunity to get your spoils. But he doesn’t know how or is he can go through it all again, unless MJF comes out right now, looks him in the eye, and says he beat him.
MJF doesn’t come to the ring however, Jake The Snake Roberts does!! Cody hands a microphone to Jake – the fans popped huge for him. Roberts says he doesn’t want to spoil the party but he’s got tired listening to Cody cry and bitch. He says he never cried about a single loss in his career, and here’s Cody crying about losing to a bitch like MJF. He got his ass handed to him and he should own it.
Roberts says he isn’t here to bow to the king, he’s here to tell him about something. Tell him about a client of his. Roberts says The Dark Side is coming to AEW and it’s tendrils will snake into the company. He says he will be at ringside when his client faces Cody, and he can bring his one-trick pony Arn Anderson if he wants. Roberts says he isn’t in AEW to take the whole pie, just Cody’s share. And a wise man once told him, never tell him to turn his back on someone you respect or you’re afraid of. Then Roberts turns his back and walks off.
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The match begins and they lock-up, with Chuck forcing PAC to the ropes. They lock-up again and this time PAC takes Taylor down with a headlock. Chuck gets up and whips PAC off but the Bastard soon gets him back down in the headlock.
PAC gets shot off and drops Taylor with a shoulder. Taylor leap frogs PAC but gets caught with a sloppy hurricanrana. PAC feigns a dive to the outside and instead slides out to square-up to Orange Cassidy. Taylor hits a distracted PAC with a baseball slide, then puts him back in the ring.
Taylor hits PAC with a pop-up powerbomb for a two-count. Chuck puts PAC in the corner and delivers a few chops, as well as a hard Irish whip to the buckles. PAC goes to the apron and flips over Taylor but gets hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chuck goes to the top rope but PAC gets up and Chuck jumps over him. PAC squashes Chuck with a shoulder tackle in the corner and he rolls to the outside. PAC slams Taylor into the barricade as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and PAC has Chuck down in the ring with a submission. Chuck fights up and throws PAC to the apron. PAC springboards in and Taylor leaps for a dropkick but PAC stops before him and laughs. Taylor tosses PAC over the ropes to the floor, then dives onto him and hugs Trent!
Back in the ring and Chuck hits a Falcon Arrow for a near-fall. PAC catches Chuck with a cutter – our third of the night. PAC leaps at Chuck but gets caught and hit with a gory bomb piledriver or something like that for a near-fall. Taylor goes up top and attempts a moonsault but nobody’s home, and PAC locks-in the Brutalizer for the win.


After the match Trent and Cassidy come into the ring, and Cassidy gets in the face of PAC. The Lucha Bros come running to the ring and they attack Cassidy and Trent, with PAC helping. PAC grabs a microphone and says they are Death Triangle and nobody is safe!
QT Marshall makes his entrance, alongside Brandi and Dustin Rhodes.
*Commercial Break*


Hager lifts and slams Marshall right away, and puts a knee on his back before slapping his head. Hager puts Marshall in the corner, but QT fires back with two uppercuts and a dropkick. Marshall attempts a springboard but Jake drops him in mid-air with a shoulder.
Hager lifts and slams QT again and kicks him around. Hager looks for the Vader Bomb but QT gets his feet up. Marshall unloads with right hands, then hits a handspring enziguiri. Hager misses a running attack in the corner, so Marshall heads up top and hits a rolling senton for a two-count.
Marshall looks for a swinging DDT from up top but gets thrown off. Hager slams Marshall, then applies the head-and-arm choke for the win.


Hager doesn’t let go after the bell, so Dustin runs in and attacks him. Ortiz and Santana join the fight and The Inner Circle beat Dustin down until Cody comes out and drops Santana and Ortiz, then tees-off on Hager until Ortiz hits him with a chair! Matt Jackson comes down to prevent Cody getting beat further and he superkicks Santana and Ortiz. He tees-off on Hager with rapid punches and slaps, but gets lifted and slammed.
Ortiz, Hager, and Santana beat on Jackson, Cody, and Dustin, until Hangman Page comes down to the ring in jeans and carrying a beer and he tries to get them to stop. They ignore him, so Hangman sets his beer on the ring post and unloads on them. He gets tossed to the apron but flips over to clobber Hager with a Buckshot Lariat. The heels retreat, and Page resumes drinking his beer. He comes face-to-face with Matt and they argue, so Page flips him the bird and leaves.
*Commercial Break*
We see a video package of Kris Statlander Vs. Nyla Rose, by far the worst match at Revolution.
MJF cuts a promo backstage, in which he says he proved that he was the final chapter in Cody’s odyssey. And he went from protegee to prodigy by beating Cody. And now the fans have a new author, and he will be the greatest AEW Champion of all-time. He says he’s too warm, so he takes his jacket off, revealing a shirt that reads “I pinned Cody”. He says he didn’t know he was wearing it, that it’s garish and regrettable… like a neck tattoo.
*Commercial Break*
It’s main event time. Jericho and Guevara come to the ring, followed by Allin. Moxley is coming out through the crowd but gets attacked by three men in AEW hoodies and masks. They beat him into the concord of the arena and beat him down. They remove their masks to show that they are Hager, Santana, and Ortiz. The throw a bin at him and beat him with it. Moxley tries to fight back but the numbers game is too much. Hager chokes Moxley out with the head and arm choke.


Darby drops Guevara with a kick, knocks Jericho from the apron, then dropkicks Guevara into the buckles. Jericho and Guevara hug and regroup on the outside. They surround Allin as we see a doctor tending to Moxley.
Guevara gets knocked from the apron and Darby throws him into the barricade. Allin then drop toe holds Jericho into the steel steps. Allin gets back in the ring but Guevara clocks him with a running knee. Sammy tags Jericho, who hits a back suplex and stands on him as Hager and co. arrive at ringside.
Jericho beats Darby in the corner, then distracts the referee as Hager chokes him. Jericho hangs Allin in the tree of woe and chops his chest, then runs at him but Darby sits up and avoids him. Allin hits a sunset flip powerbomb, knocks Sammy from the apron, then drops Jericho with a springboard moonsault for a two-count. Y2J gets Darby in the Walls of Jericho. Allin reaches the ropes to force the break and Jericho isn’t happy, so dropkicks him to the outside.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Jericho hits Allin with a stalling suplex. Jericho tags Sammy and they hit a stereo back elbow before posing together. Guevara puts Darby on the ropes and chops him hard as the fans chant for Moxley.
Jericho tags in and Allin gets fired-up, delivering repeated rights and clotheslining him to the outside. Darby hits a rapid suicide dive that knocks Y2J into the barricade. Allin and Jericho get back in the ring, but Guevara tags in and slams Darby in the corner with shoulders. Sammy throws Darby in the air and kicks him in the back for a two-count.
Jericho tags back in and keeps Allin grounded. Jericho attempts a Lionsault but Darby gets his knees up. Allin fires up as Guevara comes back in and he hits rapid strikes and a Canadian Destroyer. Darby knocks Jericho from the apron, then flips Guevara over the ropes and onto The Inner Circle. Allin goes up top and hits a Coffin Drop onto them all at ringside.
Back in the ring, Allin hits Guevara with the float-over Stunner, then up top for another Coffin Drop and covers but Jericho breaks the pinfall. Darby tosses Jericho to the floor, then hits another suicide dive but Jericho hit a Judas Effect in mid-air! Jericho puts Allin in the ring and Sammy pins him for the win.


The Inner Circle are celebrating after the match but out comes Moxley with a chair and he storms the ring. He tosses a chair at Hager, then knocks them Santana and Ortiz to the outside, before hitting Sammy with a Paradigm Shift.
Moxley is staring them down when Hager clocks him from behind. Santana, Ortiz and Jericho beat Moxley up the ramp and Hager chokes him again. They drag him over to the side of the stage and hit a Shield Bomb off the stage and through a table! The Inner Circle give Moxley the finger to end the show.

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