Massive Hint By Matt Hardy Going To AEW

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While the world may be enduring some uncertain times right now, there are certainly a few lingering joys left in society that we can enjoy for the time being – with one being the continued intrigue and fascination surrounding Matt Hardy.
There has been a great deal of speculation as to where he’s going to go next, especially after it was confirmed that his contract with WWE had come to an end following a three-year spell in his latest run with the company.
Broken Matt is just waiting to be unleashed to the world, and The Dark Order certainly seems to be the direction he’s heading in.
The fact that the first letter of the words, when spelled backward, showcase the word ‘EXALTED’ seems to serve as a pretty good indicator that All Elite Wrestling is going to be his next destination.
It felt like that was somewhat obvious, but the real questions will now come as fans attempt to work out what kind of an impact he’s going to have in the company.

-DAMASCUS cometh

— The Second Coming of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) March 18, 2020

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