Welcome to SportsArenaa News’ coverage of WWE Raw, the night after the 2020 Royal Rumble.
Last night Drew McIntyre won the men’s Royal Rumble. The Scottish Psychopath kicked his night off, quite literally, by eliminating Brock Lesnar. McIntyre then outlasted everyone else and dumped Roman Reigns over the ropes to book his spot at WrestleMania. You could see how much it meant to Drew following his win, and it sets up a WrestleMania showdown with Brock Lesnar. However he may have himself a match at the Super ShowDown card in Saudi Arabia before then.
The other big talking point of last night’s event was the return of WWE Hall of Famer, Edge. The Rated R-Superstar made his incredibly unlikely return last night and made it to the final three before being eliminated by Roman Reigns. Tonight Edge will be on Raw to explain how he was able to return following his retirement some eight years ago. It seems Edge is back for a while and that’s just incredible.
As for matches tonight, WWE has only announced two thus far; Lana Vs. Liv Morgan with Lashley and Rusev banned from ringside; and Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy defending their new Tag Team Championships against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.
And that’s the preview for tonight’s Raw. Seeing as we’re on the road to WrestleMania and have the returning Edge, it should be a fun show. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and enjoy the show!


Monday Night Raw opens with highlights of last night’s men’s Royal Rumble match. The announcers reiterate the matches happening tonight, and that Charlotte Flair will be here, along with the returning Edge.
The Scottish Psychopath, the man who won the Royal Rumble 2020, Drew McIntyre, makes his way to the ring. “You deserve it” chant from the fans. Drew says he needs someone to pinch him because he feels like he’s been dreaming. He reminds us that he’s going to WrestleMania.
McIntyre says he doesn’t want to draw things out, it’s time to make an announcement. A challenge. McIntyre challenges Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. He says most of the guys in the back are terrified of Brock, but not him. Last night he looked in Lesnar’s eyes and he knew he could Claymore him over the ropes. And he did. And he also knows he will beat Brock Lensar at WrestleMania. Drew says he is fired up and needs to blow some steam. He declares a Claymore party and issues an open challenge to anyone in the back.
The O.C. answer the call, and it’s both Anderson and Gallows. They come to the ring and Anderson says he accepts and says he’ll fight Drew tonight. Luke says he wants to fight him too. McIntyre says he’s a dream-maker, so they can both fight him.


Anderson starts the match with McIntyre and tries to slap his chest but McIntyre no-sells it and delivers a thunderous chop of his own. McIntyre hits a deadlift suplex and Gallows tags in. McIntyre chops the chest of McIntyre as well, but the big man kicks Drew and tags Anderson.
The O.C. attempt the Magic Killer but Drew fights out. He drops Gallows, then hits Anderson with a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre with an overhead suplex to Anderson, followed by a clothesline off the top. Gallows runs at Drew and gets hit with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre goes to the corner, counts down, and hits Anderson with a Claymore Kick, then does the same to Gallows, and pins them both at the same time.
After the match ends, McIntyre lifts Anderson and Gallows and throw them over and out of the ring. He turns around and Brock Lesnar is there to hit him with an F5!
Watch out for the 🌪, @DMcIntyreWWE!#WWEChampion @BrockLesnar is officially on the Road to #WrestleMania, too. #RAW pic.twitter.com/UJBal6Vb1N

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

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We return from the break to a highlight video of WrestleMania XVII, focusing on Edge in the TLC tag match.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring and we get a video package for MVP, who is back for a while it seems.

The match gets underway and they lock-up. MVP shoots Rey off and Mysterio tries a shoulder tackle but MVP doesn’t budge. They exchange reversals and end at a stalemate. The fans tell MVP he’s still got it.

Rey takes the back of MVP but gets whipped off, hits the ropes, and gets caught with the player boot for a two-count. Rey seems a little off, like the kick might have stunned him. He catches MVP with a drop toe hold, then hits an enziguiri that knocks MVP from the ring. Rey runs along the apron and hits a hurricanrana that sends MVP into the barricade.

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The match gets underway and they lock-up. MVP shoots Rey off and Mysterio tries a shoulder tackle but MVP doesn’t budge. They exchange reversals and end at a stalemate. The fans tell MVP he’s still got it.
Rey takes the back of MVP but gets whipped off, hits the ropes, and gets caught with the player boot for a two-count. Rey seems a little off, like the kick might have stunned him. He catches MVP with a drop toe hold, then hits an enziguiri that knocks MVP from the ring. Rey runs along the apron and hits a hurricanrana that sends MVP into the barricade.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and MVP whips Rey into the buckles but gets kicked in the face. Rey climbs the ropes but MVP forearms his back and lifts him in an electric chair position. Rey counters with a hurricanrana that sends MVP into the buckles face-first.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) January 28, 2020

Rey kicks the leg of MVP and forearms the face, and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Rey goes up top and hits a seated senton, followed by a springboard moonsault for a two-count. MVP slams Rey and its the Ballin’ Elbow for a near-fall as Rey grabs the rope. MVP lifts Rey for a powerbomb but gets countered with a hurricanrana into the ropes. Rey goes for the 619 but MVP bizarrely gets up and turns his back but Rey kinda hits him and he sells it. Rey then hits a springboard splash for the win.


Why bring MVP back to lose? Doesn’t make much sense to me but maybe there’s a long game plan.

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This match gets underway and Black kicks Kenneth in the leg a few times. Johnson takes the back but Black counters with a snap German suplex. Black catches Kenneth with Black Mass outta nowhere for the win.
Black grabs a microphone after the match. He says for the past few months, he’s been asking someone to pick a fight with him. However that changes as of tonight. From now on, he’ll bring the fight to the Raw locker room.

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

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Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy are in the ring, and the Monday Night Messiah says he was incredibly close to winning the Rumble for the second year in a row. Seth congratulates Drew McIntyre but tells him to enjoy the adulation while it lasts, because the fans will turn on your before you know it. Seth says he wants to focus on the positives, and that is the fact that he eliminated both Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, ensuring they won’t be going to WrestleMania. He then tells Joe and Owens to come out so they can beat them.
Joe and Owens comes to the stage and Kevin says that Rollins is still talking too much. Owens says Seth is delusional and an absolute jackass. Seth says that’s rich coming from them, saying he talks too much, with them standing on the stage. Joe says that’s funny, because for weeks they’ve been looking for this fight, so what’s different about tonight. Owens says Seth is usually not so eager to fight, so where are the AOP hiding. Rollins says they have been told to stay in the back and shows a video of them standing in the locker room. Joe and KO thank Rollins for helping them, then the Viking Raiders run into the locker room and attack Akam and Rezar. Joe and Owens walk to the room to have a fair fight.

Guess #AOP‘s a little preoccupied with The #VikingRaiders ahead of this #RAW #TagTeamTitles Match! pic.twitter.com/2Pn60LcnJK

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

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The match begins with Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins, and they lock-up. Seth takes a headlock, then takes the arm and laughs but Joe punches him in the face and Seth rolls from the ring. Buddy Murphy tags in and Joe headbutts him. Joe drops Murphy with a knife-edge chop, then jabs him into the corner and unloads.
Joe hits Murphy with a big shoulder and tags Owens, who crotch-chops Seth. Owens slams Murphy and hits a springboard elbow. Owens takes a headlock and back into the corner so Joe can tag in. Samoa Joe chops Murphy and hits a Russian leg sweep. KO is legal again and he hits Murphy with a backbreaker for a two-count.
Murphy counters Joe and tags Rollins, who comes in to hit a double-team move to Joe. Seth beats Joe down in the corner and immediately tags Buddy again, who whips Rollins into Joe but gets thrown over the ropes to the floor. Murphy tries to crossbody Joe but the Samoan bulldozer just sidesteps him to the laughs of the crowd. Joe throws Murphy to the outside, then hits a suicide dive, meanwhile Owens hits a senton from the apron to Rollins!
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Joe’s suicide dive before the break saw him land on his head and possible get concussed. So the doctors forced Joe to leave the match and KO is now in a handicap situation. Murphy has KO in a headlock but he fights out and hits a DDT to create some space.
Seth is tagged and he attempts a splash but nobody’s home. Owens goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near-fall. Buddy tags back in and he drops Owens with a back heel kick for a near-fall. Seth tags in and beats KO in the corner but Owens comes back with a pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall.
Taking it to the EXTREEEEEEEEEME!#RAW @FightOwensFight pic.twitter.com/AgReBJvDjx

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

Murphy gets the tag and he attacks Owens in the corner. Buddy puts Owens on the top rope and looks for a superplex but gets punched and hit with a front suplex. Owens hits a Swanton Bomb to Murphy for a near-fall, thanks to Seth. Owens throws Seth from the ring and hits a tope over the ropes, then gets back inside with Buddy but gets hit with a leaping knee.

Seth tries to hit The Stomp to Owens on the apron but he avoids it, then knocks him to the floor again. Owens attempts a Stunner to Murphy but gets shoved off, then actually hits Rollins with the Stunner but Murphy rolls him up and scores a win!


Andrade makes his way to the ring with Zelina Vega. He will face Humberto Carrillo for the United States Championship after the break.

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We’re backstage with Charly Caruso, who interviews Becky Lynch. Caruso asks Becky if last night validated her. Becky says it did even better. Something profound happened. She looked at her title and it hit her; “I really am in a different league than all those dopes”. Becky says she should never have doubted herself. Lynch says she has beaten everyone and anyone she beats from now will be because she wants to. Caruso asks about Charlotte and Becky says that it wouldn’t be the first time Flair challenged her, but it will damn sure be the last.



Carrillo kicks things off with a dropkick and sends Andrade out of the ring. He goes after but the Champion sends him into the ring post and puts him back in the ring. Carrillo fights back and knocks Andrade out of the ring again. Carrillo then hits a moonsault plancha to the floor!
*Commercial Break*
We come back from the break to see Andrade counter a springboard arm-drag into a flapjack. Andrade applies a modified surfboard stretch. Carrillo manages to fight to his feet but Andrade powerbombs him. Andrade stomps Humberto in the corner and goes for the double knees, but Carrillo moves.

Carrillo knocks Andrade back and hits a springboard crossbody. Andrade avoids a strike but Carrillo takes him down anyway. Carrillo connects with a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Andrade makes a comeback by kicking the feet out from under Carrillo as he attempted a springboard for a near-fall.

Vega tells Andrade to finish the match already. Andrade ducks a kick, but Carrillo hits him on the rebound. Carrillo then goes up top and hits the Asai moonsault…but Vega gets in the ring and breaks it up, forcing the referee to call the match.


As soon as the match ends, Carrillo knocks Andrade out of the ring. Carrillo pulls back the pad and exposes the concrete, and gives Andrade the Hammerlock DDT on the concrete! Vega screams in horror as referees come down to check on Andrade. The announcers ponder if Carrillo has been sent off the deep end.

This is what you call 𝒓𝒆𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒃𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏.#RAW @humberto_wwe pic.twitter.com/egnzJwwdBZ

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

Charlotte Flair will announce her WrestleMania opponent after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Charlotte Flair comes to the ring and she says she did what she said she was going to do; win the Royal Rumble. Flair says she doesn’t want to brag but she feels the need to show the footage, so we see a replay of her big win.

Flair says she now has to make the decision on who she will face at WrestleMania. She feigns answering the question but says she’s still thinking it over. Asuka and Kairi Sane come out and talk Japanese on their way to the ring.

Flair reminds everyone that Asuka won the Royal Rumble two years ago. Asuka says if she has been in the match last night she would have won it again. Out of the blue, Asuka and Sane attack Charlotte and hit her with a double suplex.

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The bell rings, and they run right at each other but Flair takes her down and applies an armbar. Asuka fights out and quickly hits a shining wizard for a two-count. Flair avoids a running hip attack, but Asuka punches her back. Flair hits a backbreaker and connects with a clothesline. Flair tries to bend Asuka’s leg over the bottom rope, but Asuka gets out and hits a German Suplex.
Asuka goes to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick for a two-count. Asuka applies an octopus stretch, but Flair gets out and rolls her up for a two-count. Flair chops the chest in the corner before putting Asuka on the top rope. Flair climbs up, but Kairi Sane causes a distraction, allowing Asuka to push Flair off the top rope to the floor.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back and Charlotte counters Asuka to hit a German suplex. Asuka fights back with right hands before heading up top. She attempts the missile dropkick again but Flair moves, then dropkicks Asuka onto the apron.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) January 28, 2020

Asuka hangs Charlotte on the top rope and gets inside but eats a big boot. Asuka counters Charlotte and applies a modified octopus stretch but Flair rolls out…and right into a triangle. Flair starts to fade but suddenly stands and powerbombs Asuka for a near-fall.

Flair attempts Natural Selection but Asuka avoids it, then hits a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Asuka grabs Charlotte for the Asuka Lock but Charlotte rolls back to attempt a pin. Flair ducks Asuka, then connects with a big Spear for a near-fall. Charlotte grabs the leg and looks for the Figure Four and cinches it into the Figure Eight but Kairi comes off the top with an InSane Elbow.


Kairi beats Charlotte after the match but Flair throws her into the buckles, then hits a big boot. Asuka grabs Kairi and they make a quick exit.

The Street Profits cut a fun but inconsequential promo backstage, in which Kelly Kelly appeared and Dawkins tried to hit on her.

Mojo Rawley makes his entrance alongside his “offensive linesman”, Riddick Moss. He’ll be in action after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Mojo Rawley cuts a promo and sarcastically says the 24/7 Champion is actually about to defend his title. He says this is no loner the hide-and-go-seek cowards Champion. He will defend it anytime, anywhere. That being said, anyone who wants him will get blocked by Moss.



Rawley comes out the gates hot, hitting Jose with a chop block. Rawley slams Jose in the corner, then hits a front slam for the win.
The match ends and Rawley celebrates his quick win. Just then he is attacked by one of Jose’s conga line, who pin him and reveal themselves. R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion. Truth turns to leave but Moss “blocks” him, allowing Rawley to attack Truth and pin him. Mojo Rawley is the 24/7 Champion.
With a little help from his offensive lineman @riddickMoss, @MojoRawleyWWE just won BACK the #247Championship! #RAW pic.twitter.com/yBAZFcwvDL

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

Lana makes her entrance following a video package highlighting her feud with Liv Morgan. They will face-off after the break.

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The bell rings and Liv forces Lana to the ropes, but the “Russian” slaps her. Liv whips Lana to the corner and hits a strong back elbow. Liv with a snapmare and a kick to the back. Liv climbs to the top rope but Lana shoves her off and to the floor!
Lana goes out of the ring and throws Liv into the ring. Lana gets inside and clocks Liv with a big kick to the head for a two-count. Lana hits a suplex and gloats. Lana applies a headlock but Morgan fights out and delivers a series of strikes. Lana tries to climb to her feet via the buckles but Liv jumps on her back with a double stomp for a two-count. Liv hits a Flatliner using the ropes to get the win!

An EMPHATIC victory for @YaOnlyLivvOnce over @LanaWWE on #RAW! pic.twitter.com/lWNPyed0xB

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

Erick Rowan is shown walking towards ringside with his bird box.

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The bell rings and Rowan dropkicks Vice from the ring. Rowan leaves the ring, runs around, and body tackles the soul out of Vice. Rowan lifts him and throws him back in the ring like a ragdoll.
Back in the ring, Rowan tackles Vice in the corner, then hits a Jackknife but stops the pin. He lifts Vice and hits the Iron Claw Chokeslam.

WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, will be live on Raw, next!
*Commercial Break*

YOU CAN FEEL THIS.@EdgeRatedR is BACK on #RAW! pic.twitter.com/5MGEdTTrdW

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

The 11X WWE Champion, Edge, makes his entrance and he is hyped. He high fives the commentary team and runs around the stage.

Edge is overwhelmed with emotion as the fans chant all sorts of things. He says that, as a performer, artist, and an athlete, the reaction he got last night and tonight, we have no idea what it means to him. He thanks the fans and they chant “you still got it”. He responds, “you’re damn right I do”.

Edge wants to address the elephant in the room; how is he standing in the ring? He says that, nine years ago, he was medically disqualified from ever competing again. But he refused to live in a world of what if’s. Over the years, he started to feel pretty good, and he asked himself, what if? What if he came back home? So he got to work.

“Welcome home” chant. He says he got a second neck surgery and he busted his ass, getting in the best shape of his life at 46 years old, so that he could step back in the ring and end his career on his terms. So he found himself in the Royal Rumble, saw some familiar faces, some new faces. Randy Orton. Roman Reigns. AJ Styles. Seth Rollins. Kevin Owens. Aleister Black. Matt Riddle. The list goes on and hopefully he sees them down the road.

However he isn’t fooling himself, he doesn’t know how long this will last. But he hopes the fans will join him on the ride. A massive “Yes!” chant breaks out. He says that’s his first Yes! chant and it’s pretty cool. He says he knows he’s a little older. But you can’t tell someone they don’t have it. He says that he has grit. If you knock him down, he gets back up.

— WWE (@WWE) January 28, 2020

Randy Orton comes out and makes his way to the ring. They share an emotional hug. Orton says that it’s no secret that he used to be pretty darn destructive. Back when they were running hard on the road, there was only one guy who would ever pull him out of whatever pit he put himself in, it was Edge. He welcomes Edge home and says that he’s family to him. Orton says last night their energy was electric. He says Edge is out here talking about what if? Well he has one of those for him right now: what if Rated RKO got back together one last time?

The fans go bananas. Before Edge can answer…he gets dropped with an RKO! The fans boo and Edge looks baffled. Orton leaves the ring but then walks around and grabs a chair. Orton brings the chair into the ring and smashes it off the back of Edge. Orton drops the chair and goes to the corner as the fans tell him he sucks. Orton puts Edge’s head inside the chair and considers stomping it but stops himself. Orton then grabs another chair and hits Edge with a Con-Chair-To!

And that’s it for Monday Night Raw. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news and results.

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