WWE RAW after Royal Rumble 2020 Preview: Brand new feud for current champions, Big match with top stars banned 

WWE Royal Rumble is now officially in the books and the best thing about it is that for once, the WWE Universe seems to be very happy indeed. You will never make wrestling fans 100% happy, but the overwhelming response seems to be quite positive.
But the WWE machine rolls on and the upcoming episode of RAW is a critical one because everyone is keen to see how all the pieces fall into place, as we head towards WrestleMania in the weeks and months that follow. New feuds will undoubtedly begin and it will be interesting to see how it all builds on the road to WrestleMania.
Be sure to leave a comment, and share your thoughts about RAW or indeed even the Royal Rumble pay-per-view if you caught it. I would be glad to know what is on your mind, fellow wrestling fan!
Are you happy with Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair winning the Royal Rumble matches?

#5 Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy are confronted by brand new title challengers?

Seth Rollins wins the RAW Tag Team Titles with everyone! Haha

-Dean Ambrose
-Jason Jordan
-Braun Strowman
-Buddy Murphy #RAW pic.twitter.com/E8vGSWRg36

— TWC – #BigDaddyCiampa – #BITW (@TheWrestlingCov) January 21, 2020

We saw how Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy became the RAW Tag Team Champions and one wonders who will be next to step up to the plate. The clear answer is Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe because they’re clearly not in the World Championship picture and neither are they in the United States Championship picture at the moment. And there’s a fair bit of drama between the two of them as well because they came to fists in the ‘every man for himself’ Royal Rumble’.

I would pick them ahead of another battle with The Viking Raiders because there’s no chance that Ivar and Erik will win the titles back at this point, and honestly, it would make them look weak to suffer yet another loss. The Street Profits are worthy challengers but The Viking Raiders are ideal.

#4 Lana and Liv Morgan will be in singles action


This one is PERSONAL.@YaOnlyLivvOnce will battle @LanaWWE THIS MONDAY on #Raw… and @fightbobby and @RusevBUL are BANNED from ringside! https://t.co/Nr1SdKfjDk

— WWE (@WWE) January 24, 2020

So, this is the only thing that has been advertised on this week’s show and it’s a match between two women who aren’t exactly Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in the ring. Lana and Liv Morgan will clash in singles action but Rusev and Bobby Lashley are both banned from ringside for this clash.

We all saw how Rusev and Bobby Lashley were left out of the Royal Rumble match and this is a very interesting development that will possibly result in them not being a part of the show. I wonder if it’s a ploy to keep them off TV for a while so that when they do return to action again, the audience would have missed them and will not necessarily greet them unfavorably.

I genuinely do think that Liv Morgan needs to pick up the win against Lana but honestly, in this feud wins and losses don’t matter nearly as much. The feud between the two women and the two banned men is fueled by sheer drama.

#3 Is Drew McIntyre going to issue a challenge to Brock Lesnar?

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So, Drew McIntyre is a RAW superstar, and it is pretty clear at this point in time that he may indeed tussle with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. I mean he could always challenge The Fiend from SmackDown, but there’s no build or anticipation for the match at this point and while that may indeed be a cool clash somewhere down the line, Brock Lesnar is the man in his crosshairs at the moment.

Sure, he could also go to NXT and target Adam Cole for his title. But that would be very unexpected and sudden.

I have a feeling that this week on RAW, he will challenge The Beast Incarnate. 

#2 Is Charlotte Flair targeting Becky Lynch next or someone entirely different?

In the case of Drew McIntyre, it is very clear to see why he was chosen to be the man to not just eliminate Brock Lesnar but win the 2020 Royal Rumble match. It’s a lot tougher to do in the case of Charlotte Flair, who could either challenge Becky Lynch or Bayley. But then, Charlotte Flair is somewhere between a babyface and a heel and Bayley is a complete heel, so it is impossible to predict which way she’ll go.
Maybe Charlotte Flair does something totally unexpected and challenges Rhea Ripley for the NXT Championship, but then again, that’s another story for another week, I guess. Becky Lynch will want a brand new challenger after she put Asuka away after a solid match, with a pretty expected outcome, honestly. Charlotte Flair may tease a confrontation with her this week, before swerving us and doing something entirely different.
Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch always put on great matches but we’ve seen them tussle too often.

#1 Is Edge done with WWE or not?

From how the Royal Rumble match played out, it certainly seems like Edge has massive unfinished business with AJ Styles and Randy Orton, among a few other names. And Sportskeeda’s own Alex McCarthy posted the following update soon after Edge showed up, at the Royal Rumble not long ago.
Honestly, this makes me think that Edge will come back on this week’s episode of WWE RAW, presumably to settle his score with Randy Orton in a feud that has been building up for a while. Whether the two of them clash at WrestleMania or at Saudi Arabia is anyone’s guess but Edge seemed to be having a blast in the ring.
And the pop that he received when he made his way to the ring was magical in its own right, wasn’t it? Whether you were at the arena or watching the show on the WWE Network, you felt the excitement, the electricity, the thrill, and madness.
I would be very surprised if Edge doesn’t show up on RAW this week.

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