Incredible history made at Royal Rumble 2020 that you may have missed

Charlotte Flair stood tall at the end of the women’s Royal Rumble match in Houston this past weekend. The irrepressible ten-time former World Champion saw off all the competition to earn herself a spot on the WrestleMania card.
But as impressive as the feat was in and of itself, there was incredible history made on that night and at that moment that may not have been immediately apparent to those watching.
The former NXT Women’s Champion outlasted all of those she encountered to claim the ultimate victory and, in doing so, helped complete an incredible family-themed milestone – and ensured the Flairs will go down in the annals of Royal Rumble and WWE history.
The reason? They are now the first and only ever father and daughter duo to have won the iconic Royal Rumble match, after Ric Flair so memorably did so back in 1992.
Charlotte might well be lining herself up to swoop for a SmackDown, RAW, or NXT women’s championship challenge at Wrestlemania, but Ric’s victory was altogether more stunning – as it netted him the WWE Championship right then and there.

It was his biggest ever win during what was a relatively short first stint with the company, but it’s a Rumble win and performance that has gone down in history in its own right – he entered at number three, lasted the entire match, and had his hand raised.

He spent a grueling 1 hour and two minutes in the ring that night in New York, with Sid Justice the last man to fall, as one of five men that Flair eliminated alone.

Charlotte battled away for a relatively shorter time at just 27 minutes and 19 seconds, eliminating four Superstars on her way to victory.

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