Edge’s new WWE contract details revealed; huge 7-figure deal

In the off-chance that you somehow missed it, WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his return to in-ring action at Royal Rumble 2020 after nearly 9-years away from the spotlight. He received a hero’s welcome and easily the biggest reaction of the entire evening, which was well-deserved and well-earned.
Now, Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport has revealed the possible details of the WWE contract that Edge recently signed. The report is claiming that the Rated-R Superstar has signed a 3-year contract worth $3 million per year. That makes for a staggering total of $9 million.
It’s an astounding contract considering that AEW had actually offered a deal for Edge to join their organization. It was said to be a very serious offer, which included Edge wrestling a handful of matches as well as serving as a backstage producer.
It’s probably why WWE decided to provide Edge with this lucrative offer, though that is just speculation at this point. Back in August, Edge said that he could probably wrestle one more match, which is possibly when discussions with AEW and WWE began.

As stated above, Edge stands to earn $9 million total over the next 3 years. The contract is said to stipulate that he will be making 25 total appearances, and that he will be paid in full as long as he competes in at least 3 matches each year. He appears to have committed to 5 matches in 2020, with the first having already being fulfilled, with his over 20-minute appearance in the Royal Rumble counting as number one.

Considering that Randy Orton attacked Edge on this week’s RAW, the likelihood is that Edge will be taking on Orton, presumably at WrestleMania 36, or even as early as the Saudi Arabia event on Febuary 27. According to rumors, Edge vs. Randy Orton is most likely to happen at WrestleMania. After that, Edge would likely wrestle at SummerSlam, the second 2020 event from Saudi Arabia, and possibly Survivor Series. It should be noted that this is all speculation until the dates are actually confirmed, but if he is going to be seen next inside the ring at WrestleMania, it would stand to reason that the three other big events of the year would be his next stops.

With Edge now back in WWE, it’s going to be interesting who his future opponents will be. Knowing the great roster of Superstars WWE currently possesses, there are many intriguing match-ups that could be on the horizon.

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