Reason why Andrade did not drop the WWE U.S. title before his wellness suspension

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Andrade’s wellness policy suspension on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Andrade is suspended for 30 days but WWE let him hold on to the United States Championship instead of dropping it to Humberto Carrillo.

Typically, whenever a champion gets suspended, the protocol is to get the belt off of them. That is not the case in this situation as the decision was made to have Andrade lose to Carrillo via disqualification on Raw so he could keep the belt.

“It was a Paul Heyman decision to keep the title on Andrade,” Meltzer said. He added that Heyman is very high on Andrade and felt it was too soon in the storyline to put the title on Carrillo.

Meltzer added, “He wants to make Andrade a real franchise player.” That doesn’t mean Heyman doesn’t want to beat Andrade but he wants to build him up as one of the cornerstones off the brand.

As a result of the suspension, it looks like Zelina Vega will be off TV for the next 30 days and the feud will be on hold until late February.

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