WWE Reportedly Set To Heavily Focus On Second Generation Superstar In Netflix Era

WWE is always eager to see new talent thrive on the main roster, and they have set their sights on one rising superstar as they enter the Netflix era of Monday Night RAW.

The Stamford-based wrestling promotion is ushering in a new era for fans as they transition into their groundbreaking deal to feature Monday Night RAW on Netflix. Triple H has currently chosen Cody Rhodes to lead the company as its top champion and babyface of this generation, a decision that has proven successful, as evidenced by crowd reactions and merchandise sales.

However, the hallmark of a truly successful company is its ability to look forward and create new stars for fans to rally around. According to WrestleVotes, WWE has taken note of Bron Breakker, who has become a standout after impressing with his performance during his brief time on the main roster.

WrestleVotes reported that WWE higher-ups have slightly adjusted their plans for the second-generation superstar and are now set to heavily focus on him as they head into their Netflix era. According to one source, Bron Breakker’s unique combination of speed, look, and pedigree makes him one of the most promising talents in WWE, a combination that cannot be overlooked.

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