WWE Champion Damian Priest Teases Unexpected Title Match

The Undertaker has remained retired for years, but a current WWE champion is eager to defend his title against The Deadman. Damian Priest recently expressed his admiration for the Hall of Famer and his desire to face his wrestling idol.

The Deadman is one of the most recognizable stars in pro wrestling history, influencing almost every modern-day talent.

Damian Priest grew up idolizing The Undertaker and would jump at the chance to have a match against him. During an appearance on The Rob Brown Show, Priest was asked to name one opponent he’d love to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against.

Without hesitation, Priest named ‘Taker and explained why it was an easy choice, as you can see below:

“Undertaker! That’s an easy answer. I mean, he was literally the reason why I fell in love with the business. He came to Puerto Rico, and I saw him. It wasn’t even a match; it was a segment.” [From 2:47:49 onwards]

The Archer of Infamy found it weird that he got to interact regularly with
Mark Calaway and pick the WWE Hall of Famer’s brain about the business.

“The Undertaker has always been my guy. I’ve gone to countless events at Madison Square Garden to watch him perform. It’s kind of weird that now I get to talk to him, getting advice and whatnot. Yeah, that would be my guy if I had to pick one.” [2:48:32 – 2:48:47] (H/T: Sportskeeda)

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