Mandy Rose Talks About Her Final WWE Main Roster Run

WWE abruptly released Mandy Rose while she was on track to become the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion in the company’s history. Recently, she discussed her transition to the developmental brand, revealing that she was unhappy with her final main roster run.

During the ThunderDome Era, Mandy Rose teamed up with Dana Brooke on Monday Night RAW. Unfortunately, their tag team didn’t gain much traction on WWE’s main roster, and Rose was subsequently moved to the then-Black-and-Gold brand after WrestleMania 37.

This transition revitalized Mandy Rose’s career in the promotion before her eventual release. In a recent appearance on the Heated Shenanigans Podcast, Rose discussed her move to NXT and revealed she wasn’t very happy with her main roster run.

“It was called to my attention that I was going to go back to NXT, didn’t really have many reasons. I just took it as a challenge. I didn’t take it as a demotion, I took it as an opportunity to be able to showcase myself and get a fresh coat of paint… I was kinda in a place where I wasn’t extremely happy with what was going on with me on TV and where I was at. I felt like I had more potential and I had more to show to the WWE and NXT Universe. I felt it was really a great time to do that,” said Rose [From 03:35 to 04:15] (h/t: Sportskeeda)

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